Corey's log 9

Well I am feeling rather good about myself at the moment. I was about work with the guys and pull off a good netrunning gig.

Thats right I did it. Yahoo.

Well, it started with me getting a call from the guys to come down to this place to see pete fight. I figure he must be making some quick money, so I went.

The place was headling pete as his alter ego Blitz. We already know that there is a guy known as Blitz already here so this was going to be good.

I went in and saw him there sitting like a king and on his lap was woman that I usually have as my girl when we roleplay. It was Storm from the X-Men. Of course, Pete saw me and started to make moves on her… you know rubbing her butt and kissing on her. I knew he was doing this just to get my goat. So i headed over asking about the odds on the match. I saw Steve and Knuckles around along with Sam. As I approach Pete opps Blitz, Storm step to me and ask Blitz who was I to ask him questions about him fighting. She got up in my face and even pull a small blade that slice me a little across my nice new shirt. It threw a little blood so I rub it a little said some thing to the effect that tickles and what other games we can play (as I rub my ring pierce nipple)…I gesture for her arm and took offense and pointed the blade toward my penis.

If you don’t want to play then don’t start… she and I had some words.. that was starting to get serious. Then Pete broke it up with some humor. I went off to mingle a bit. While I was doing that, Pete must have went into the bathroom because I got some signal from Knuckles or pete about things going down in the bathroom.

I stated working my way through the crowded room and just as i approach I saw Steve coming up behind me. He was using me to help clear a path to the bathroom. I heard Steve pull out claws behind me so keep going. I figure I would coming and tag whoever then duck down for Steve to have fun cutting away.

It didn’t quite go that way. I came in and just hit the guy that was standing over Knuckles dead body (with brain on the floor) and Pete barely standing with his head bleeding out and brain exposed.

I didnt know that I could hit that hard because it send him flying into the window fan and it was just pieces everywhere. Steve came in and grab Knuckles then left taking him to the hospital. I saw pete/Blitz collapse and grab him up then follow out with Storm running with me.

We got them there and after what the doctors said experimental stuff they used on them they were both good in a few days. Meanwhile, while they were gettting better the guy realize that Knuckles had the device and was in the hostipal with it. We try to get in but didnt work well especially when I try to hit on the lady. Oddly, Smiiley showed up and was able to get us into see him.

He didnt have it. After ploting to go after the doctor and questioning him. We decide to question Smiley. It turns out he didnt have it but somehow the guys figure that Christina had it (I thinks she just simple told them that) and she would like us to do a job first.

Well, it turns out that there were a few jobs sitting out there. One involves going to 1930’s and another is working John and the guy name tripper who need his plane.

yes the same place we went to before and I got shot all up. Yup that the spot.
So went with trying to netrun it. I had my tools and programs that Brandon oops Slicer help me get/taught me.

Well Brandon is one hell of a teacher. I was about to get in and take control, open up gates, control videos. I was even able to take control of that darn turret that shot me up and use it on someone else instead. It was cool

Well, we all did a great job and Sam had my back while I was login. She relay everything I had to say in the real world. It was nice.

We were able to help John.

Well 1930s here we come.



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