Impossible Choices

I’m not one of those folks who uses the word “hate” casually. I don’t hate olives. I dislike them. I don’t hate long lines. I just can’t stand them. I don’t hate the people who don’t agree with me. I might be frustrated with them, but I don’t hate them. Having said that, I hate Prof. Tempus. I always knew he was a self-absorbed ass, but I never thought his megalomania would cross over into actual evil. It has.

For months, I’ve been trying to get over the fact that I might never see my family again. It’s not easy, but I’ve been dealing with it. Now, I have chance to actually get back home and see if they’re still alive, but Tempus has left me with an impossible choice. In exchange for letting him examine the device, he could give us the coordinates to get back to our own time and a second set of coordinates to get away from the murderous aliens that have invaded it. Instead, he’s making us choose one or the other. So I can get home, and see if my wife and kids are still alive, but if they are, I’ll have absolutely no way to get them away from the aliens. It’s not that he couldn’t give us both sets of coordinates. It’s not that it would endanger him. It wouldn’t cost him anything, or even inconvenience him. He’s just doing it to be, in his own words, a “bastard.”

On top of this Sophie’s choice, we were just attacked by 4 ninja wannabes in our hotel room, and had to deal with some homicidal thug who wants to buy the device or kill us trying. Oh, and did I mention the guy who just appeared from nowhere in the middle of a parking lot. He and his buddies are able to open some sort of portal, because they are considered ‘fringe worthy,” whatever the Hell that means. According to Steve, it has something to do with a role-playing game that he and Pete used to play. Apparently, everything in the game has just become real.

We took some sort of detector off the body of one of the ninjas, that’s able to track the device. My immediate priority is to test its range and see if the signal can be shielded against. If we can keep them from tracking the device, it might buy us some time. In the meantime, I’m putting together a bug-out bag so we can leave in a hurry if need be.


Hate is good, let it grow, nurse it, allow it to consume you, and then when it had nearly destroyed your soul, release it up the one who generated it and you will feel the greatest and most wonderful bliss imagined. I am happy to help if needed.

Impossible Choices

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