John's Log 8

Caribbean Pirates 1

Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
Drink and the devil had done for the rest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island

I don’t really know where to start this entry to the record. I guess first should be that after the attack on the hotel room we decided to bug out as quickly as we could. At the same time, Ike and Crissy asked if they could join us, seeing as how they were interested in learning whether we were jumping between worlds connected to the Fringepaths or not. Steve’s immediate response was to try and score a crystal from them – I can’t say as I blame him, but I do have to say that I do think that’s the kinda BS that has cost us all a lot of information that we could have used.

What I mean by that is that every time the Professor made any sort of overture to us, someone’s pride would get in the way (his or ours) and cause the whole deal to fall through. Thing is, we’re the ones that are new to this shit, so I think it would be in our best interest to swallow our pride a little if it leads to some information that we could use. Jess left us over the last dust-up – I just hope she made the right decision.

The guys decided to take a train to the East Coast so that they could talk to a Professor Morrow – someone that John’s research showed as possibly having some insight into this interdimensional travel and how it might work. The train was going to be expensive, so the IDET team mentioned meeting us there – the Fringe platform was giving them a shortcut, and the 3000 mile in-world trip would be reduced to a 600 foot walk for them.

Crissy offered us a chance to join them on the platform – all it would take was getting our hearts stopped as they had no problem bringing corpses through the warp. I was the only one who took them up on the offer – after all, I’d already died once and this was a chance to become Fringeworthy. It didn’t work, but I did get to stand on a Fringe platform and see the rings. I do have to admit that I would really like to figure out a way to become Fringeworthy.

So we joined up in Providence, Rhode Island where John, Pete, and Crissy met up with Professor Morrow. They haven’t really talked about what they learned form him, if anything, so I don’t know if the trip was worth it or not. Well, it wasn’t not worth it, even if the whole thing was just a vacation. Everyone seemed a whole lot more relaxed after the trip. So after all we all rejoined together, and since the device was ready to go, Steve activated the vortex and I (per usual) jumped through first.

I landed in water and nearly pissed myself before I remembered that I could both swim and that I could feel the bottom with my feet. My first priority was to make sure everyone else landed safely and didn’t panic, and got them headed to shore. In the excitement of the landing, someone dropped the device and luckily I saw it. It was caught in a riptide but I didn’t hesitate – I swam after it and caught up to it. It took a little while to get back to shore, but I made it eventually, where I collapsed on the beach and basked in the warm sun for a while, regaining my strength.

Eventually we were all ready to go, so we picked a direction and went. After a while we heard cannon fire and, being us, traveled towards it. At the top of a hill, we found ourselves overlooking the town of San Pello (as we would learn later) as it was under attack by a large squared-rigged ship. We were smart enough to wait until after the attack finished before we walked into town. The ship had been flying British colors, so we had some small fears as we headed in, being English speakers, but unless we wanted to hide out and live in the jungle until the device was ready again, we didn’t really have a choice.

As it was, we should have chosen the jungle. We hit a public house (actually we hit two; the first one turned us away) where we shared a few tales with the locals and drank – as it would turn out – entirely too much. We awoke to find ourselves in the hold of a ship. Ike and Crissy were missing – and still are. We were given a ‘choice’ – join the crew or swim back to shore. We couldn’t see a shore, and it wasn’t entirely clear whether the manacles we were wearing would be removed prior to our being thrown overboard, so we all decided to take the crew option.

Pete can cook, so he’s taken that position. Steve, Corey, John and myself were simple crewmen, but Steve and Corey have been made gunners. Also, the bosun liked Steve’s gung-ho attitude and has made him her assistant – which hasn’t really made Steve well-liked by the rest of the crew but at least he hasn’t made any new enemies yet. Unlike John who knocked one guy out to get his glasses back – that guy’s been quiet but I try to keep an eye on him when I can, if only to avoid a knife in my own back while I work.

Yesterday, the Captain gave us a chance to take the Oath and become full members of the crew. That means we’ll be serving on the ship for either a year and a day, or until each member earns 5000 doubloons. To that end (‘cause that’s the goal we’re all hoping for – I did mention we all agreed to the Oath, didn’t I?) I mentioned the Fargo’s attack on San Pella to the Captain, as well as all the plunder they took, including the Governor’s daughter who might be ransomed upon her return. The Captain took the information under advisement, so we’ll learn soon enough what our goal is to be. For now though, we sail the Caribbean as free men.

At least as free as one can be surrounded by blood-thirsty murderers who pay homage to the Elder Gods can be.



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