John's Log 9

Caribbean Pirates 2

Will Turner: This is either madness… or brilliance.
Jack Sparrow: It’s remarkable how often those two traits coincide.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Curst of the Black Pearl

Being a pirate is exhilarating! It’s also terrifying. When we made port at Trinidad, Captain Marsh let some of the crew go ashore; being new crew meant that we weren’t part of those lucky ones. I took the opportunity to continue my studies as a sailor, and to relax in general as the only duties we really had were to watch the boat and to be careful of flames. There were some two to three hundred ships in the port, most of the laden with slaves from Africa.

Later on in the day, the Captain called me and the guys on deck; he had a task for us, to be accomplished before sunset. The task? Go ashore and find him thirteen slave women, of breeding age. Immediately I had a sense of foreboding, a sense I’m certain I saw mirrored on the faces of my friends. Still, our options were limited so with the money given to us by the Quartermaster, we set off into the city to get the Captain his ‘cargo’. With all the slaves in the city – we would later learn that Trinidad was the first port of call for most of the slave trade from Europe and Africa – it didn’t take us long to achieve our goal. Rather than risk getting drunk and missing our return time limit, we immediately returned to the Hangman.

Captain Marsh then offered us a chance to further our standing in the Brotherhood. He warned us that it would be bloody, but ensured us that we would not be required to do any killing. That didn’t exactly ease my thoughts, but as he also ensured me there would be no torture involved, and as I’ve seen plenty of bloodshed since the dinks had arrived back home, I agreed to go. So did the rest of the guys; I wonder if they had the same misgivings on our return as I had?

The ceremony we were brought to was well attended by many of the crews of the ships in the harbor. We had brought seven of the slaves we had purchased earlier with us; they were placed in the center of the group, which had formed a rough semicircle leaving an opening to the shore. As the shamans in the group started their chanting, the Captain warned us to take no action regardless of what we witnessed. I’m glad he warned us; I wish he’d said something before we’d ever left the ship. What we saw will be forever etched in my brain, right next to the memory of dying. Some kind of human-fish hybrid – Deep Ones if you will – came ashore and had their way with the slaves. (At this point I should mention that the Captain’s idea of what might constitute torture is very evidently far different than my own.) I won’t go into more detail; suffice to say that the six women who survived their ordeal were given their freedom.

The next day the Captain called the crew on deck for a vote. What was to be our next task? We could go after the Fargo and the booty she had taken at San Pello. We could attack Martinique; the Captain had information that the town’s navy was out to sea, leaving the population open to a daring attack. Finally, we could sail for the gift of immortality by searching for the Fountain of Youth. My vote was for Martinique: it had the largest amount of money (a Templar treasure was rumored to be owned by the Governor) and seemed to be the easist prize to take. Plus, to my mind, after Martinique the Fargo would still be out there. The Fountain had no real draw to me; the Gold Cross clinic would do as much for us and we knew where that was.

In the end the crew voted for sacking Martinique. It was to be a journey of a week or so to the north, and it would not be uneventful. Several days out of port we ran across another ship. I spotted her first and called out, and the Captain immediately had us prepare for a boarding action. The actual attack was quick and over before I realized it; I am certain that few naval engagements go so smoothly. We took the ship’s treasure, and we captured a noblewoman and her handmaidens for ransom. The lady was treated as a guest but I was tasked with locking her servants in the ship’s hold with the surviving slave women. When I later visited the brig to warn the ladies not to speak Spanish aboard the ship (the Captain has an extreme reaction to anything Spanish it seems), I discovered that one of the slaves had been half-eaten. When I asked what had happened, the surviving slaves just pointed at the hand maidens. I beat a hasty retreat and immediately reported my discovery to the Captain; he admonished me to not return to the hold, an order he truly did not have to give me. It is only as I write this down that I realize the handmaidens had offered no reaction whatsoever to the death of the slave next to them…

When we reached Martinique, the Captain’s plan was to sail in bold as we please and sack the town, and the Devil take those he could. I proffered another idea, where a small group would infiltrate the city and disable the fort cannons, thereby making the attack a little easier. Me and the guys got the job, of course, and I was happy to do it. After all, I’m not gonna become a famed swashbuckler by sitting on the ship; I needed to start getting some notoriety. So we rowed ashore, the five of us, and made our way to the city. Four towers and five of us meant one tower each to three of us, and the last tower would get two. Corey and John would form the team, and since I had the youngest body I had the task of tackling the tower furthest away. Upon arrival I scaled up the walls (not as hard as you might think), disabled the two guards, and used their own powder to blow the place up.

Our next goal was the Governor’s mansion, where we were sure there would be treasure to be had. The only thing of value I found there would have to be the Governor’s daughter, but since I had no wish to test her aim, I decided discretion was the better part of valor and left her in peace. The oddest discovery made was the phone booth in the mansion’s basement surround by statues. We were going to investigate but someone (John I believe) mentioned the ‘Angels’ so I turned around and left, followed by the others. All kinds of discretion going on that night!

On our way out of town we hit the church for the gold we knew would be there and then made for the longboats with our hall. That’s when we saw the giant tentacle attacking all of the ships in the harbor, save one: ours. It didn’t stick around too long though; once the Civil War ironclad showed up with its gatling gun, the tentacle hastily left. We didn’t; we attacked. Steve had some WP grenades left so we paddled out quickly and attacked. We succeeded in sinking her and getting away from the city with minimal casualties. No Templar treasure (though as I sit here I wonder if ‘temporal’ treasure might have been misheard as ‘Templar’).

We’ve made it out to sea and hope to be far away before the French naval vessels return. I don’t know what’s next in store for us, but I’m looking forward to it!



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