Knuck's Log 7

“I been dead once already. It’s very liberating.” –The Joker

I’ve been giving Steve a lot of shit lately, but I owe him big time for saving me the other night. We went to meet up with the pilot, Tripper, and see about getting his plane back. When we called, he was pretty stoned. That seems to be a frequent occurrence with him. I appealed to his munchies, and got him to meet us at a pizza joint nearby. The pizza was pretty good, and everything was going fine, and then Pete got bored and decided to wander into a club across the street called The Slammer.

As soon as Pete walked in, people mistook him for the Blix guy we’ve been hearing about. It turns out the place holds combat matches between cybered up fighters, and Blix was scheduled to fight one named Guido. Pete was playing along, and enjoying the attention when the real Blix walked in. Pete tried to slip out through the bathroom, but Blix spotted him and followed him in.

Steve, Cory and I were in the bar by then and saw all this go down. I moved over to just outside the bathroom to try and hear what was going on, but the club was too loud for that. We learned later from Pete that Blix didn’t mind the impersonation, because it gave him an out for the match against Guido. When I saw Blix walk out of the bathroom, I went in to see what had happened.

Pete started to tell me what went down, when Resner bursts in and starts shooting the person he thinks is Blix. He got off a couple shots at Pete, but when Pete dove for cover, he turned on me. Before I could do much of anything Resner plastered the tile with my brains. It looked like I was done and destined for a long dirt nap, when I woke up in the hospital.

The guys came in to see me and tell me what happened. They had gone in to help Pete, and Corey took Resner out hard. From the way they described it, Corey knocked him into some sort of industrial fan and turned him into bounty hunter tar tare. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Steve saw what happened to me, and literally carried my body to the hospital on his back. He got there just in time and the docs managed to bring me back. Don’t ask me how.

Thanks to the docs and my new cyber helpers, not to mention Steve, I went from dead to discharged in 3 days. The problem was that while I was talking to the angels, somebody lifted the device. Without that, we’re stuck here. We tried to track down who might have done it, but in a busy hospital it could have been anybody, and we didn’t have any leads.

In the meantime, we did end up liberating the plane for Tripper. Our second assault on the tenement went a lot better than the first. With that out of the way, we started planning our next move. We canceled the Cairo trip, and considered going to present day Chicago for more info on Stephanie’s sister or doing the Ankh job for Smiley. While we were sorting out our options, we ran into Christina at Mike’s. I let slip that we were considering doing a job for Smiley and that was definitely the wrong thing to say to her. She got upset and in the course of convincing us to dump Smiley and giving her an exclusive, she admitted that she was the one who stole the device. She agreed to give it back if we’d do her Chicago job, so we’re off to the 1930s and the land of Al Capone. Wish us luck.



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