Pete's Log 1

I used to write. All the time in fact. That all changed the day they arrived. They took everything away from me. My life, my family, everything. Now we’re forced to live a meager existence. When we’re not fighting them, we’re fighting each other. It’s all been rather pointless and not much to write about. So I haven’t been moved to words to page.

That was until recent events. A lot has lead up to this point but I will save that for another time. For now time is short and I may not live much longer. I want to get some things down just in case you have to pick up where I left off. I have found purpose and now see a path to winning this thing. there are many pieces to put in play and many hurdles to jump before my could hope to work but I now have one, a very real one.

We are no longer in America. On a rescue mission to save Jessica Tempus’ father we found some crazy technology in his cabin that transported us to China. This was some sort of wormhole but I have no idea how it worked. All I know is that it resembled the one from Sliders. As soon as we finish the mission we’re on, I want to get a look at that thing Steve used to activate it.

We arrived in a dessert and traveled for days. Starving and dehydrated, we found ourselves under attack by a giant robot. Fortunately we were picked up by Chinese military and taken back to basecamp. Long story short, we are now suffering from a mortal case of radiation poisoning and have volunteered to go on a mission to get some sort of cure that is supposed to save us. This has required us to join a mission into space aboard the Yammato. Yes, that one. This is completely out of place and I’m not sure we’re actually in the same dimension. That wormhole may not have just been a geographical transit device. It might have been an interdimensional transit device as well. But there’s no way to tell for now, so I’m just going to have to assume it as an unknown.

We are currently on an impossibly bizarre trek to who knows where. However, we are on a mission to save our lives and all though affected by the massive radiation sickness we’ve been infected with so at least it’s a worthwhile cause.

I will close this out with a quite note about the past day. We sent a team down to a planet we’re orbiting to gather much needed food and water. On the mission, I was asked to assist in the repair of a piece of equipment. The rest of the team went off to investigate a strange noise and were quite shaken when they returned. Something about a large spider, which makes me feel fortunate to have missed it.

I will try to write more but it’s hard to write for long stretches due to the illness. My eyes hurt, I’m terribly fatigued, and I have to get up periodically to throw up.



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