Steve Log 5

“What if you could find brand new worlds right here on Earth? Where anything is possible. Same planet, different dimension. I’ve found the gateway.”
Quinn Michael Mallory

Well now we are in over our heads and it is my doing. Let me go back a few days and start from the beginning. We had been back to camp for about a week and me and John were fighting over the coffee. I had managed to find four pounds of the stuff and was rationing it. John got into the stash and started making superbrew. He ran through two pounds in a week. I was fucking insane with anger. If he wasn’t such a good friend I think I might have shot him over it.

During the week I managed to talk to Washington and Gunny and eventually the Old’ Man about my rescue plans. Before I could solidify plans I had to perform guard duty. No big deal, just boring as hell. That is until I heard the artillery in the distance. Within moments the entire camp was exploding with action. The Dinks hit us hard, bringing on three or four of them for every shooter in the camp. Our defenses held strong. We took the brunt of the attack and gave it back to ’em. I saw Washington moving in on a gun emplacement and saw he was going to get killed. I popped up fast and charged, blowing through a magazine and giving him the cover he needed to close with the gun. Then he yanked out a m92 and dropped three dinks with three shots as I moved forward and dropped a grenade into the lap of the gunner. We hit the ground and the gun went up in smoke and flame. I looked out over the carnage and saw Sam was in a tight spot so I went to her aid. Together we dropped two Rippers and then turned onto a pack of Fins. The battle was terrifying and glorious. Pray for war Mutha-Fucker!!! Pray for Fucking War!!!

Following the battle we took in our losses. Three. I don’t know how we did so well but it was like the Old Man had some kind of precognition. We were prepared and the Dinks felt our lead and died by the dozens while we lost three. HUA!!!

I then got to work on assembling the team for our rescue mission. Borman, Bryant, Scott, Cole, Tempus, and myself. Not a bad team at all. We were planning on leaving early and Washington decided to throw a wrench into the plan. He put me and Pete on night watch. During the night Masters came to talk to me. He kept talking about how I had potential. How I could have been somebody, how I had betrayed him by demanding to go on this mission. We exchanged some heated words and I felt he was threatening me so I kicked him in the nads. It felt good to hit him. I never trusted that fraker but now I wanted to kill him. I could feel the blood boiling in my veins. He told me that I was going to be famous. More famous than anyone who ever lived and he did it in a way that made me feel a bit of apprehension, maybe even fear. I decided right then and there, that if I ever saw him apart from the 3rd, I would kill him. I have never planned to murder someone but now I feel I must. This war has changed me. As we came off of watch we departed camp and headed southwest.

Our first day was slow and hard and we decided to crash in a barn. The next two days went fast until we ran into a straggler. A woman named Christina who was some kind of art thief. She fed us and shared some kind of code that she said I should memorize as I would need it one day. She was heading off to NY to rob the Met. In the night she vanished.

The very next day we made it to the cabin outside of Gettysburg where Dr Tempus lived. While searching the deserted cabin we heard noise. A bunch of Nazi’s in a halftrack were coming up the road. Fraking Nazi’s!!! I was feeling like my mind was going to explode. It just didn’t make sense. We argued about what to do but then decided to head up the hill into the woods behind the house. We found a secure spot to hide and me, John, and Pete went back to see what the Nazi’s were up to. We saw the lights in the house come on and the Nazi’s all went inside. As the sun set, Pete and me decided to get a closer look. I low crawled into a spot about 20 yards from the cabin and proved cover for Pete. He snuck right up to the window and looked in. I could tell something was wrong. I stood and ran for the woods. I yanked a grenade off of my vest and threw it through the window. The explosion shook the ground and then the Nazi’s went into action. I hugged the ground and looked for a shot. Two potato mashers came flying out of the cabin and landed next to Pete who didn’t seem to notice. I yelled at him and then rolled away as bullets ripped into the spot where I just was. I heard the blasts and felt the heat. Dirt fell from the sky all over me. Another machine gun burst came closer this time. I pulled a Willie-Pete off of my Tac vests and stood. I pulled the pin and threw it through the window. Bullets pounded around me and I felt a thud into my chest. I charged. No pain, the vest absorbed it. As I hit the edge of the house another bullet thudded into my armor. I fired a round and peeled the face off of one of the Nazi’s. The some giant of a man grabbed me and stuck a knife into my gut. The armor absorbed most of it but the tip made it through and I felt a hot wet sickness in my gut. I jerked back and shot him. Bullets started pounded the wall next to me and I saw the Half Track machine gun was firing in my direction. I dodged around the corner of the house and ran inside. A nazi SS officer shit me as I came in. Again. my armor saved me. I raised the rifle and put the bullet through his fraking monical. I am not sure what else happened. No one else was hit and someone took out the halftrack. We had won.

Sam tended my wound and the guys joked about how I was a bullet cushion. We got to checking out the gear and they were armed with guns made by H&K but these were Schmeissers, a Luger, and even a Kar98. And they appeared more modern than their WWII counterparts. It made no sense. Even the potato mashers didn’t appear right. Pete got on about trying to figure out the electricity. No generator and the meter was dead but the place had power. After a steady search we found a hidden door to the bunker.

The decent was easy and we found Dr. Tempus’s secret lab but no doc. After a search of the lab I found a key fob for a vehicle which I pocketed and an odd remote control. I hit the buttons on the fob and got nothing. Then I tried the big button on the remote control. John fell through the floor. I don’t mean a trap door. The floor turned black and John fell into the black hole. I pocketed the controller and we freaked out. I found a long pointer and inserted it into the blackness. Nothing. Then we made a search for rope but couldn’t find any. Corey found a 20’ length of chain so we used it. Corey held onto the chain and I climbed into the black hole. It was hard. When the pulling began to yank at my feet I lost my grip and fell into the darkness. A long sickening fall that filled me with fear and dread.

I landed in the sand. The sun was out. It was hot. Where the Frak am I?



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