Steve's log 1

“Nations sometimes flourish by denying the crimes that brought them into being. Only when the original invasion, occupation, extermination or usurpation has been safely thrust into the political unconscious can sovereignty feel secure.” ~Terry Eagleton

We were gaming at Pete;s house when I got the call from my wife. Leslie told me to go look at the TV. I asked why and she said, “We’re under attack!” Pete, John, Corey, and me all went down to Pete’s basement and turned to CNN. We saw Washington DC was being destroyed by what looked like blasts of lightning. The reporter was telling us to stay in our homes. Well fuck that.

We went into motion, Pete started scrambling to find us his meager gun collection while me and Corey raided the kitchen cabinets for food, water, soda, knives, can openers, etc. Pete handed me a pistol and a rifle and I loaded the rifle and gave it to John. John has at least a little bit of training from the Army. Some people banged on the front door and Pete ran them off. Then my truck got blasted and all that was left was a small crater. We talked it over and decided to make a run, the 30 miles to my house.

My house was build in 1766 and is made of 30" stone walls. It can withstand a significant blast and will stop most bullets. It is a literal fortress, plus I am a prepper and was ready for this day to come. We decided to take two cars, in case one got taken out. I hopped in my Pete while John ran around busting out the tail lights. We were going to do this in darkness and we would run without lights to keep from being a target. It was then that some asshole jumped in front of the car and begged us to take him. I popped a shot past his head and said, “NO” but he had a kid and a pretty wife and Pete gave in. They piled into the car and away we went. I led them across the back country roads until we got to Fallston. There we ran into some Army boys and they waved us by.

As I looked to the sky I noticed the huge space ship hovering miles away from us. It was terrifying. We kept trucking and finally hit a point near Jarrettsville, where a big rig was jack knifed across the road. I hopped out to investigate and some little fucker started shooting at me. Now when I say little I mean he was like 4’ tall and blue and not human. When I say shooting, well he was using a ray gun of some sort. I dove for cover behind Pete’s car and a blast took the rear corner panel off. I then popped up and shot the bastard in the chest. He grunted and fired back. I saw he had armor, changed my point of aim to his head and BAM he was falling over dead. Fuck that alien piece of shit. I looted him and the guys all came to see. Pete took a grenade off the dude’s belt and I tossed the raygun to John. The blue dude was wearing some kind of breathing mask and heavy armor. I got the rig started and pulled it aside. We were back on our way.

The Blue Alien

Seven miles later we saw a burning pickup and as we blasted by we then saw the blue lights up ahead. I popped the skylight open and Pete handed me the big gun, his .357 magnum. I told him to floor it and don’t stop. He did as told but hit a slick patch and lost control just as we saw half a dozen of those fuckers leveling guns at us. I remembered the grenade and took a pock shot for one on the belt of an alien. The horseshoes I got lodged up my ass pinged in delight and I nailed the little bugger. The explosion was spectacular. Had I seen the shot in a movie I would have screamed, “NO WAY!!!” but I just pulled it off.

Eventually we made it to the house and I broke out the prepping gear. We had weapons, food, clothes, and everything we might need. I forgot to mention the guy we rescued got hit during one of the fights and was dead. So now we were stuck a with a woman and a seven year old kid. I was not happy.

Maybe half an hour later we saw aliens landing by the creek. A half a dozen were headed to the house. I set Pete and Corey and the chick with rifles on the second floor and John stayed with one on the first. I slipped out the back with a 30-30 and a spotlight. The plan was that I would distract and the guys would then nail them with everything they had. It worked but not as expected.

50,000 candlepower is some bright shit and I hit the aliens with the spot light and lit up the night. They opened fire on me as I heard a barrage of gun shots erupt from the house. I ducked behind a tree and could hear the shots nailing the tree. I cut the light and ran. Somewhere in the dark I tripped over an animal and it bit me. Turns out it was my dog. Now where the hell was he all night? We made short work of the aliens and decided to have a little alien autopsy. The skinny alien has organs like us. They are located in different spots but now we knew where the lungs and heart are located. I told everyone this is the target zone. and we got it clear and good.

The Skinny Alien

The next alien was encased in that armor. He was like the one that I shot on the road. I got a reciprocal saw and started cutting. There was some sparks and BOOM!!!! The fraker exploded. I got singed good but nothing serious. scared me more than anything. It was then that I noticed the woman wasn’t around and her kid was following me. Turns out that she got wasted during the ambush. Great.

Well now our location was at risk, we made some hasty decisions. Rest a little and then pack and move. We need to see if we can rescue family but I think Baltimore and York are probably fried like DC. What the hell am I going to do. Maybe I should just shoot the kid and save him this hardship. I just don’t know. I do know this. I will fight. I will fight. I will fucking fight!



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