Steve's Log 10

β€œOne could mention many lovable traits in Smee. For instance, after killing, it was his spectacles he wiped instead of his weapon.”
J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

After getting outfitted we decided to head off to Providence to meet with a Dr Morrow. New John seems to think that he can help us work out the device. As we were preparing to leave, Ike and Christine asked to join us. We negotiated but in the end agreed. They said they would meet us in Boston and from their we could hop over to Providence together. This triggered a million questions and soon we discovered they had a fringe portal that opened near Boston. Podman Jon volunteered to go with them but they had to do something for him. I should mention that going would require one of us Non-Fringeworthy to die and hopefully be resuscitated. John wanted to be brought back on the fringe platform. An interesting experiment that caused John to get killed twice and revived twice and they say I’m nuts.

The trip to Boston was fun as we were able to finish off the Ravenloft module and move onto Against the Giants. We hooked up with Ike and company and then headed down to Providence. While Pete and New John went off to meet Dr Morrow, I went to visit H.P. Lovecraft’s grave. Me and Samantha started making out on the tomb stone while Corey took picture which soon turned into some very likely porn. Overall a great experience.

Later we hooked up with everyone and discovered that the device had reset and was ready to go. We took a vote and decided to fire it up. One by one we jumped into the unknown.

I won’t detail everything but lets keep it simple. It is now somewhere in the 1600’s and we are in the Caribbean. We have been press ganged into a pirate crew and life is hard and scary. The Captain is Obadiah Marsh. If you don’t get what that name means to me you cannot begin to feel the dread I am feeling right now. The Bosun is a mad cat black chick who gets turned on by breaking bones and hangings. Pete is now the ship’s cook, Corey an assistant gunner along with me and both Johns are deck hands. The Bosun seems to like me enough to make me the Bosun’s Mate. This means in addition to my gunnery job I have to exact punishment on crew when it is so ordered. I am getting pretty handy with a Cat-o-nine-tails. Did I mention the oath of service we took? I am terrified to think of what that oath implies but the thoughts of winning 5000 pieces of gold is making my greed factor spike. I think I might make a good pirate.



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