Steve's Log 11

“Only, in Haiti, I realized, is it possible to drink rum and haggle with a god.”
Wade Davis, The Serpent and the Rainbow

Punishing the crew with lashes or blanket parties has actually been kind of fun but the minute it became my turn for some lashes I have to admit that I am not a big fan. They gave me a leather strap to bite on but the third lash that was on the deck and I was in agony. 20 lashes left me unable to stand. Then some voodoo muthafucker took me away and did some unspeakable shit to me but I felt alot better when he was done. This will teach me not to throw the first punch, especially during an engagement. I will hold my temper in the future.

As pirates life is looking good. We took a ship and sacked a town. We got riches and proved we had what it takes. I am very psyched about it all. I think John might be going a little crazy as he seems to have adopted the whole Johnny Depp thing a little too much.

The Brotherhood angle is giving me pause. We participated in a ritual to summon Deep Ones and I nearly shit myself when they arrived. Later we saw a giant tentacle crushing ships that were firing on us. I am a little more than frightened by that oath we took. I think now I muss address those fears and become a pirate’s pirate. Until that year and a day is up or we get our gold, I am not betraying this ship or its crew. Even if that means doing some unspeakable acts.

During the sack of Martinique we saw an ironclad steamship with a gattling gun attack the Neptune’s Hangman. While we defeated the ship I am wondering where it came from. It was out of time and it scares me to think what other oddities we will discover.

Oh and less I forget to mention, it seems that these pirates like nicknames and I am getting a kick out of the names they have chosen for some of my friends. John has taken to being called Tarzan due to his time spent in the rigging, swinging about and acting the fool. Apparently their are stories of a white child who was raised by apes. To close to fantasy to not be true. New John is getting called Knucks because his hands look like they have been put through a meat grinder and word has spread about how he knocked out Matches with one punch. Pete has the best name of all, they are calling him Scrappy and with some coaxing from John are now calling him Scrappy Doo. I have even hear a few refer to him a simply Doo. I giggle every time I hear it. Corey is called the Black Papist and I don’t even think he is Catholic. A very odd world we live in. As for myself, the damned bastards have been calling me Van Wurm and though I don’t get the reference, I know it is bad.

The Ironclad that attacked us



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