Steve's Log 12

“Successful crimes alone are justified.”
John Dryden

I often find myself in situations that are beyond my control and quite frankly over my head. The past two weeks did not put me into any situations like that but they were still quite interesting. First of all I really owe John for having the balls to speak up and get me my woman back. I was afraid to speak for the past few months because I knew if I did, that it would end in bloodshed. Controlling my anger has been one of the toughest things I have ever done. Now that Samantha has been returned to me, I feel complete again.

So what has the world been throwing at me during this time of joy. Well for one. I took part of the treasure transfer. We hauled the entire ship’s stores up into the mountains and hid it all in a cave under a waterfalls. The cave was filled with treasures. Paintings, jewelry, weapons, and even my game books and ipad. Unfortunately they aren’t mine anymore. We were told the cave had a guardian but I never saw it. Knucks claims it was some kind of robed figure with tentacles under its hood. I say again, I never saw it and I think the guys might be fucking with me. We also heard that the three back chambers of the cave were special. One was a temple, another was the guardians lair, and the last was inhabited by the Fay. Brick told us that no one ever goes into any of them other than the temple. You always visit the temple to pray before you leave. He claimed all who failed to do so, died on their next trip out to sea. As such we went to pray along with the rest. Prayers go something like this. Cut hand. Smear blood on alter. Say some words like “Old gods and new, please save my sorry ass from harm” Then the blood seems to vanish into the stone. I was creeped out and a little frightened by it all.

As we headed back to port, we discovered that the five teamsters that came with us were not brotherhood and had to be dealt with. I slit the throat of the one I was riding with. Other members of the brotherhood took care of the rest. We got to town, sold the horses and wagons, and got paid. “Bitch”, The quartermaster’s man, even tried to stiff us on the promised money. Turns out he was robbing us more than we ever realized. Sometime later he got his. Have you ever seen that Jesus snuff film? Well Bitch got something like that Jesus cat. I am never going to steal from the Brotherhood.

We got sent back to the cave to get something for Corey, under the Captain’s orders. This time we took Sam and it was like vacation. I really love that woman and fear the thought of losing her. On a pirate ship, I know this is likely. With my new position as Master Gunner, I have the power to stop some of the shit, but I know the day is coming that I am going to kill for this woman. I just hope it isn’t a friend that I have to put down.

When we got to the cave, Me and Sam had a reunion while Corey and the two Johns went off to explore. They came back a few hours later talking of running into a mindflayer and fairies. I gotta say that all of this talk of Cthulhu oriented monsters is getting to be too much. The fairies even sounded doubtful until I noticed a wee little person about 4" tall flitting around and drinking rum. I am not sure if it is all of the opium, weed, or alcohol. I really don’t care. I am just happy to have Sam back.

We went to the temple to pray before leaving and Corey discovered a secret door. Inside we found thousands of Mayan gold coins that are huge. The debate was intense as we weighed our greed vs. our desire to be good crew. In the end we agreed to turn the loot over to the ship. I struggled with this one. I really wanted that money.

You know these past two weeks really were quiet. I only killed two people and I feel kind of bored. I can’t wait to get back to the sea. I want to blast some holes in a Spanish Galleon or maybe a rich British trade ship. I am straying again. Back on the ship we found out that Knucks was told to take only Brotherhood to the cave. Well Sam is not Brotherhood and we had a problem. The Captain agreed to make her a part of the Brotherhood and she agreed. I spent more than an hour describing the horrors she would witness while John and John and Corey went off to buy some black slaves for the sacrifice. I was really wondering how that was going, considering Corey is a black dude and well, I have to assume he has issues with this all.

After they got back we went with the Captain and some other crew to watch the ritual and Sam was a trooper. She didn’t scream, She didn’t run. She didn’t cry afterwards. She just watched as those poor women got raped by the deep ones. After the ritual we had a reshuffling of officers on the ship and somehow Sam ended up as Quartermaster. Our former quartermaster fell to his death with a little help. So now we are setting out to sea and I am in high spirits. The future awaits us and treasure is on the horizon.


“I only killed two people and I feel kind of bored.”
Know the feeling, lol.

Steve's Log 12

it is the curse of all gamers

Steve's Log 12

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