Steve's Log 15

“Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn’t have messed with? That’s me.”
Clint Eastwood in Grand Torino (2008)

Getting out of the hospital was the start of a strange day. Knucks met me as I walked out of the place and I was feeling really good. I was now cybered up and had gotten a boatload of biological upgrades as well. I was stronger and faster and felt like a god. We went by the bank so I could get my gear that I had stored in safety deposit boxes and then split up. Knicks went home and I went to find John so that I could crash on his boat until I could hook up with Sam.

A few hours later Knucks shows up with a cat girl. She was cute, sexy feral, and I knew she would be trouble. He insisted we help her as she had some people hunting her. I noticed her back was covered in deep whip marks that had scabbed over. Soon enough we noticed some Chinese men heading towards the boat. Knucks hid below with the girl while me and John dealt with the men.

Mr. Wong informed us that he was looking for his lost property, a replicant that had killed his boss. We played stupid and made small talk. He gave me his card and said we could make 5000eb if we turned her in. After he left we had the huge conversation about whether or not a replicant was a real person or not. I of course don’t believe they are real but then again if you are a Drifter then you are just smoke and shadow in my mind.

Corey and Peter showed up and we decided to move the girl to Corey and Knucks apartment in the city. Mr. Wong showed up there as well and made some demands and gave us an hour to make a decision. Sam showed and I was real happy to see her but we had these problems which were getting in the way. Pete was having one of his moments of epiphany. He used his cyber eyes to check out Wong’s business card and discovered it was covered in replicating nanobots. John used an emp device to kill of the few on Pete and the card but it seemed I was covered in the damned things. Anger was building and an explosion was getting nearer and nearer. Sam gave me her EMP grenade and I went into the Bathroom to set it off. I was praying my EMP shielding was up to the task. I heard the neighbor bitching up a storm after the nade went off. I think it fried his computer. After this we worked up a plan of action and called Wong to set up a meet.

An hour later we were deep in the combat zone getting a little intoxicated at Club Crossroads. Since Ink was hanging at the club I decided to hire him for information. He didnt know much but he did know enough. Wong was a bad ass cybered up solo who also happened to be a Leutenant in the local triad. When I told Ink about the meet he called it a night a split like greased lightning.

The bartender seemed to know Pete and have a thing for him. She told us to go to a private lounge for our meeting with Wong who was waiting for us. We went in. The plan was to talk and under no circumstances to start a fight in this club. The rules are simple, start trouble and get blasted with a hail of bullets by the Boba Fett security team. Wong was seated and had a team of seven solos with him. I appraised them and realized that they were professional killers one and all. I looked over Pete, John, Knucks, and Corey and thought about our odds. I didn’t feel too good but was confident in MY ability and as I mentioned earlier, I was pissed. The anger was starting to boil over so I let Pete do the talking. Knucks got fed up with Wong and tried to walk out but two of the goons blocked his way. Wong told us that all deals were off and that the problem would be dealt with. We all knew this meant that he was going to have us killed. I stood and went for my gun. Everything seemed to slow down to a pace that was hyper realistic. My hand moved down and I saw Wong twist his thumb and suddenly the tip was flying at me. I realized the danger as I screamed, “Banshee!” to alert the guys to action. Now I have fought a flail before and learned that you don’t block the chain, you block the ball. If you block the chain the ball swings round the blocking device and hits you in the head. As I watched the spool of monowire unleashing in my direction I threw my left arm up and smacked the thumb (I assumed this was the weighted end). The next thing I knew was that Wong’s head was turning and tumbling to the floor. I watched the thumb as it whirled a weave of death around him. I was stunned. I hadn’t even made it to my gun yet and fealt the impact of two bullets into my back. I noticed flashing strobe lights going off behind me an heard Pete’s roar and the sound of a baseball bat hitting a skull. I turned to the nearest goon to me and exclaimed, “Did you fucking see that!” He tried to dodge me and fell over backwards. Gunshots where going off all over the place and I recovered my senses when one his me on the bridge of my nose. Thank the gods for skull plating and skin weave. I snapped out my Tesla Wolvers and threw myself at two guys. My cyber eyes targets each of them in different directions and I slit and shocked them to death. I roared the sound of victory.

Suddenly dozens of Boba Fett troopers were coming into the room yelling, “Everyone on the ground”. I retracted my wolvers and dropped prone. I didn’t want to die. When all was said and done the bar tender, a chick I never even noticed, backed our story that they attacked first. I guess she never noticed me going for the gun as she was on the other side of the room. Corey, that sick bastard had his video eyes recording everything and he gave me a copy of the footage. I think I have watched that head come off a hundred times. Luck is a strange thing. When you have it you are the king of the universe. I had it this night.

Long story short. The catgirl is now free and I guess she will be hanging with us. Me and Sam made a quick exit to catch up on some alone time and the group is banned from Club Crossroads for a month. I am feeling rather righteous right now. If there will be trouble from the triads about us killing Wong, then let it happen. I am sure that the power vacuum in the city is going to cause a few gang wars. Maybe we will be able to take advantage of the coming wars and do like Clint in a Fist Full of Dollars.



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