Steve's Log 16

“This has been driving me and other cagematch players crazy. When you set a greasel on fire, they seem to become invincible for as long as the flames last. It’s like the flames cause them to regenerate at lightning speed but when they do die and you get to eat them. Delicious.”

As a team we decided to head to Cairo to look for little Stephanie’s sister. I am not even sure what her name is as no one has explained to me exactly what went between the group and this kid when we met her. Still the kid is growing on me. Her zeeking gave me the heads up that saved my life. I will get to that in a bit. We decided to head to Cairo but with the extreme amount of illegal cyber the group is sporting, we couldn’t take a commercial flight. Luckily Smiley knew a pilot.

We met the pilot, a real dirt bag named Tripper, in The Greasel Pit. This dive of a bar was only a step up from a dumpster and that was only because it had animal fights in the basement. Tripper claimed to have a prize fighter, a greasel named Thunderbird, but he needed the competition taken out. In exchange he would fly us to Cairo but we would have to pay the fuel bill. We agreed and headed towards some dive of a tenament housing. Still they had security. We couldn’t find a decent way in and I wanted to try to disable an electric fence but Pete kept insisting on going in the front doors. He talked us into it even though my instincts kept telling me this is a BAD idea.

Pete blasted the boor down with a pistol grenade and we went in. A short firefight later we found ourselves all wounded and wondering what the frak had happened. A god damned bullet bounced off of my skull a few days ago and the bullets these guards were using were plugging through our armor like mad. The place even had a sniper shooting us through the window. That fraker almost got me but Stephanie’s predictions made me drop to cover just before the shot went off. I killed the guy with a few bullets to the skull and then like forever later Pete shoots the guy with a pistol grenade and claimed the kill. What a dickhead move!!!

All in all we did the job but it could have gone alot better. Apparently the slum lord running the place is well off enough to have good firepower and security. We headed back to The Greasel Pit and watched our bets go sour when Tripper’s beast got its ass kicked by the unknown backup fighter. We were pissed. Tripper says if we are willing to break into the hanger and steal his plane back, he will fly us for free. Guess who has the plane. Yeah thats right, the fraking slum lord who’s goons shot us all to hell.

Now we need a plan and I feel very much alone. Sure these guys got guns and armor but they have no combat sense. For example, one of the guards I shot was still alive. I tried to put him down so we wouldn’t get shot in the back and fraking Knucks tries to stop me. I came real close to shoot Knucks but he is my friend so I sucked it up. If we continue to do jobs together he better grow a fraking pair of balls or we are going to come to blows. God I need a drink.



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