Steve's Log 17

“I like when the enemy shoots at me; then I know where the motherfuckers are and can kill them.”
George Patton

Another crazy week. We got out of Doc Browns and started working up our plan for Cairo, which now seems to have gone the way of the dodo. Somehow we ended up at a rowdy fight bar and the goddamned mafia shows up and tells me I got to meet with Mr. Skiv. Mr. Skiv is the local don and I have to admit that I was a bit nervous. Moments after arranging the meet I notice Kurt Resner heading into the bathroom. Then gun shots. Then Corey (Blackjack) running for the bathroom. I followed BJ in time to see the carnage. Resner killed Knucks with a shot to the face and Scrappy (Pete) was staggering out of a bathroom stall with a huge dent in his skull. I didn’t think. I just threw Knucks over my shoulder and plowed through the crowd. Three blocks over was the ER and I knew that if I got him there in less than eight minutes they could possibly save the dude. Well I made the run in record time and Knucks survived.

I realized I left Sam in the bar alone. I called and told her to wait for me. When I got there she was nowhere to be seen. After searching through the night I went to the meet with Skiv. The man was rather polite but a typical Italian blowhard. He told me to do a job for him and in exchange I would get Sam back and 5000EB. I agreed. I kept my anger in check and it paid off. Sam was waiting for me at the door. The job was a simple snatch and grab of a prototype weapon. No big deal.

When Scrappy and Knucks got out of the hospital we hooked up and made some plans. Get Trippers plane while John did the snatch and grab. Then off to the 1930’s Chicago to steal a death mask from Genghis Khan and then onto Rhode Island to do a job for Randolph Carter. All kinds of fun and games.

The run for the plane went smooth for a change. I took up the position of God in a church steeple. BJ ran the net. Sam played guard over BJ’s body. Knucks and Scrappy played the shooters. The only hiccup was when Knucks made his remote drone do a flyby past me, exposing my location. I had to start shooting early. I had killed six guards before Knucks and Scrappy even got inside. I forgot to mention that the head priest of the church I was in, Lynn Mei I think her name was, asked me to kill Maggie if I got the chance. Maggie was the chick who had the plane. When I saw her trying to escape I peeled her head off. In the end we got the plane and for the most part remained in good health. It was a grand night.

When we got back we discovered that John had completed his job as well. So now I guess we are off to Chicago. I am still concerned we haven’t found Stephanie’s sister yet but her view of the future never gave any indication that we would find her quickly. I guess time will tell if the little zeek was right about us.



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