Steve's Log 19

“I have built my organization upon fear.”
Al Capone

I recognize that I can be an ass, a hypocrite, a racist piece of shit, and so much more. I also possess many good qualities too. I suspect my flaws allow me to see through the layers of bull shit that other around me tend to weave. Take Knucks for example. A few weeks back we nearly came to blows because I wanted to shoot a wounded enemy combatant. Knuck presented such a good argument that I have been working on my views. I decided that I wouldn’t just shoot someone out of hand anymore. Instead I would give them the chance they deserved and see if I get burned for it.

All of this leads to the other night. I was at a party in Chicago and I get to meet Al Capone. Yeah that Al Capone. He seemed like a nice enough asshole. I decided that since the guys always say I get them into trouble that I would do my business on my own, away from the group. My business, you see, was to scalp Al Capone. I waited until he and his goons headed to the head. I tried to get in but the good stopped me at the door. While talking trash to them I see the door open and Al steps out. I put my fist into his face and he dropped like a sack of potatoes. His goons were fast. The drew their 1911s faster than I could throw the second punch. Three rounds plunked into my subdermal armor. I dropped the second guy with an uppercut to the jaw. Number 3 yelled something about a vest and they shifted aim to my head. I knocked one of the guns aside as a bullet rang off of my scalp. My hat went flying. I dropped Number 3 with a solid hit to the solar plexus. More bullets flew past me and one hit my in the corner of my eye. The pain was beyond belief. I nearly passed out but my pain editor kicked in. I pummeled Number 4 dropping him with a single hit. Number 5 took his time trying to hit me in the head but I blasted teeth out of his mouth as he went down. I pulled out my tomahawk and proceeded to scalp Al Capone. The I decided to scalp that Number 4 too. He was the goon that shot me in the eye. Scrappy came running in about this time and moments later Knucks and the rest of the guys. I took Al’s wallet and explained the situation.

While they guys were looking all crazy at me I heard a hand cannon blast a .44 caliber slug into Al Capone’s head. I turned to see Knucks holding the gun. Arguments ensued. The long and short of it was that we beat feet and got out of town. My whole reason for doing this on my own was to earn that name for myself and a well placed enemy. A man is judged by the power of his enemies and the humiliation that Capone would have suffered had he lived, would have been immense. This path would have given us an instant in to the criminal community. Capone’s enemies would want us as friends and his friends would fear us or at the very least respect us. Knucks shot Capone in cold blood. This turned my perfectly executed situation into a completely fucked situation. Well what can I say? Our group would screw up making a cup of Joe if not for the local diner. What I don’t get is Knucks. He wants to play the honorable do right kind of guy while inside he is a murdering piece of shit just like me. I think his time with the Brotherhood may actually be getting through his moralistic skin.

Following this situation Knucks told me that a demon had kidnapped Sam. He went on to say that Nicky sent the demon. This made no sense to me but since it was our only lead it stood to reason that we should pay Nicky a visit. Turns out Nicky is Brotherhood and he was very forthcoming about where Sam was. We are now planning to do a job for Nicky and then heading to Vegas to get Sam Back. Somewhere in the middle of this all we need to steal a death mask from Khan and get to Germany to rip of some Nazis for another Nazi. Life is interesting if nothing else.



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