Steve's log 2

“We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival.”
Winston Churchill

A year has gone by since my last entry. I guess I should have kept the battery charged on the IPad but I have been too busy to worry about that. After I-Day we spent several weeks on the run. Fighting when we had to and hiding more than anything. John proved that his Army training was still good but with him and Corey, we had issues when we had to move fast. Their weight got in the way and slowed us down. Jack and Zeus hit it off and I think the kid may have stolen my dog from me as I rarely see the dog anymore and when I do it is when Jack is around. The kids proved to be a better asset to our group than I would have given credit. He took to the guns like a natural and he seems to have no compunction about killing aliens. I like him and hope that he survives this war.

We eventually hooked up with some Army personnel down near the 5th Regiment Armory. I knew Command Sergeant Major Grimm, an old friend of the family, and he got us hooked up with a group of survivors that wanted to fight. We were not accepted right away but after seventeen missions they seem to have accepted me. The only real problem is Corporal Washington. He is one of the Marines attached to our group and he really dislikes everyone who isn’t a Marine. The real problem is I keep going on mission with him and my style of craziness does not mesh with his Marine orders.

We have mainly been hitting the Fins and the Skinnies but every now and then we run into some other alien life form. Their energy weapons work real good against them but I still prefer my .357 revolver and a good longarm. I took an M21 rifle off of a dead soldier and that is my gun of choice in this crappy war. I have to assume my grandkids and wife are dead. My old neighborhood was blasted and there was no sign of my mother or sister but there is always the chance that Dad got them out of there. If he did, then they will be up on Iron Mountain and holed up with the hill people. I have given up looking for those who may or may not be alive. Survival is all that matters now. Survival and vengeance against these alien pieces of shit.

Steve's M21 Steve's S&W 686 w/ Crimson Trace Laser Sight

Zecharia Sitchin always said that the Anunnaki would return in 2013. I guess he was right. These aliens might not go by that name or they might, we may never know. Whatever the case, he was dead on about an alien invasion in 2013. I need to rub that in Pete’s face when we have a chance to relax. We are getting ready to move out again so I need to cut this short. If anyone reads this journal, then know this. We will win because we are human and American. I understand the concept of surrender and I spit on any who would say, “Lets surrender, give peace a chance.” Fuck those bastards. Say something like that to me in a place with no witnesses and I guarantee you won’t walk out of that place again. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with the journal now that I am getting a routine.



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