Steve's Log 20

“Fighting in the air is not sport. It is scientific murder”
~Captain Edward V. ‘Eddie’ Rickenbacker

The train heist went off better than expected. Dante and Scrappy took out the soldiers and got the good while the rest of us lit up the sky with lead and fire. It was awesome. As we approached the train we picked up another squadron of planes coming in hot. The Enforcers or Regulators or something like that. I thought they were local militia but as the story progresses, you will see that I was wrong. An exchange of banter set the mood as Black Cat pulled off to the north to try and flank them. The Brothers in a brigand pulled off to meet her and proceeded to fly right into the side of a cliff. How the hell they kept that plane flying is beyond me.

I took my brigand straight into the fire and was the first to pull the trigger. My rockets tore into the enemy as his bullets pounded my nose and punched holes in my cockpit. I thought we could play some chicken by he pulled off as I accelerated straight at him. The next thing I knew was the air was full of shrapnel as an aerial mine lit me up. The canopy of my planer was shattered and the cold air woke me from the daze of the blast. I pulled a hard turn using the mountains for cover.

When I came out of the turn I had lost the two tangos only to see Cat flying right at me and that beat up brigand firing rockets into the bridge behind her. She took the fight to the guys I left behind as I redlined the engine and went brigand to brigand. I couldn’t help but show off. I yelled to Black Jack, my gunner, to look front. The sound that escaped his lips was almost girly. I punched the plane under the tresses of the bridge and came up firing with all guns at the brigand. The brigand returned fire with rockets and scored a single hit. The blast knocked the right wing of my plane into the bridge and I thought I was a gonner but it was only a scrape. As the smoke cleared I saw that the rocket hit right in front of the cockpit and had fractured part of the left wing and blasted a hole in the bottom of the plane right under me. I could hear Blackjack cussing me out as bits and pieces of his duffle bag fell to the valley below. The rushing wind roared in my ears and a deep chill cut into me. I have to remember to wear warmer clothes for these fights. You never know when you will meet a 200mph wind chill.

I pulled a hard turn to the right as thirties from both my gunner and theirs fired on each other. As I moved back towards the main fight I passed the Professor and gave a salute. The plane trying to tail him passed right in front of me and I opened up blasting him with lead. He pulled an immelman but I was able to outmaneuver him and keep the heat on. He tried to break off as I continued to pour the fire into his plane. Another plane passed in front of me, a momentary distraction and I put the final shots into the guy. As he bailed I saw that other plane’s pilot bailing as well and the Cat came from around the mountain side. She scored he first kill as I got mine. She was grinning ear to ear as she passed me and pushed around into the next pass. I screamed a warning but it was too late. That bastard who dropped the mines came out of the pass and flew right into her. He looked like he was having a heart attack as the two planes smashed into pieces. Luckily it was not a solid hit. Both planes were still flying and Cat managed to regain control. I almost think she hit him on purpose but that would be crazy. Maybe we should change her handle to Madcat. I watched helplessly as the pilot of the other plane, a very old man, tried to open his canopy to jump. He smashed into the side of a cliff face causing a rock slide as he fell to his death along with his machine.

The brigand was trying to escape. I gave chase. Then I heard gun fire and looked over to see the Professor firing his forties. The shot had to be one of the luckiest in history. He hit the one fracture in the wing of the Brigand that could bring it down. The wing fell away and I saw the pilot jump to safety. His silk in the air was a tempting target but I was too caught up on the real drama of the situation. The gunner threw open his canopy to jump when a piece of the fuselage hit him in the head. He fell in slow motion and his body seemed to bounce as it smashed into the earth a thousand feet bellow.

The rest of the heist was kind of boring. We got the booze and hooked up with Little Nicky. Then we got to talking about demons and such and I made a deal with the little fucker. I bought his copy of Unzerbrechlich Kulten and was very distracted by the vile tome the rest of the night. I nearly missed Jessica Rabbit as she performed for us. Scrappy made a play for her but failed. I think the next time we meet I shall have to show him how it is done. That Jessica dame would make a great play toy for me and Sam. I wonder if she would be jealous.

Now we make plans to rescue Sam. I have ideas and think that the guys might not like them. In the meanwhile it looks like I might be learning to be a necromancer.



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