Steve's Log 3

We’re our own dragons as well as our own heroes, and we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves.
Tom Robbins

Word came down that the recon patrol Corey, Pete, and two others were out on, was missing. I asked around and found out they had been sent into York and vanished. According to Masters we need to start moving towards Philly and York is along the way. The guys were looking for a place to move the group that is safe. Perhaps a mall or government building or church. We got alot of people and no safe way to move. Masters thinks we need to get to Philly and use the stadium for a base. I am not sure I agree with him but he is a spook and maybe he knows something we don’t.

I volunteered to go rescue the team and John, Connors, and Myers agreed to go with me. John asked why I didn’t ask Cole and all I could say was that I am scared for her safety. I know we are going into a fight and I would be devastated if she got shot.

Thirty miles and two days later the rescue team made the outskirts of York. I started trying the HT Radio and after a while got through to Corey. He was holed up inside of Dicks and surrounded by fins. While we were talking someone started a firefight in another part of the mall. I told Corey to check it out but to stay hidden. I ordered the team to move out double time but John balked at this and gave a good argument against it. As a compromise I suggested an Airborne shuffle and we moved out. A few blocks from the mall we encountered a road block. Dinks had a fixed gun emplacement set up and about eight or so fins and skinnies were on watch. We split up. John and Myers took one of my grenades and moved in for CQC. I took Connors and we moved in to about eighty yards and then we got to the roof. When we saw the grenade go off we opened fire. I peeled the head off of a skinny and nailed a fin but he managed to stagger around the corner of a building. A second explosion went off as a fin dropped a grenade and the fight was over. We regrouped and moved out.

As we climber the hill to the parking lot of the mall, we heard two gun shots. We dropped prone on the hill top and looked towards the sound. We saw Corey running full tilt with a dozen or more fins behind him. I got on the radio and started yelling at Corey to let him know where we were and Connors stood up and started waving his arms as he ran towards Corey giving him some direction. It was then that John saw the Banshee flying our way. It was still out about 500 yards and closing fast. It looked like it was setting up for a strafing run and Corey wasn’t going to make it to us.

I raised the m21 and took aim. John dropped to a knee and offer his shoulder as a brace. 300, 200, 100. At 100 Yards I fired and so did the Banshee. I think my shot went off a split second before his and as his guns lit up he dive bombed into the parking lot and exploded. The fins turned and ran back into the mall.

We retreated quickly heading to a comic store about half a mile to the East. John and me went to that store often back in the day. Now it was partially blasted. The pane glass windows were busted and the roof had a small hole in it. Myers and Corey looked like they were having a wet dream. They both ran inside and started tearing into boxes of comics and game dice. I grabbed a Bat’leth off of the wall and teased them a bit before handing it to Corey. That fraker looked like he had creamed his pants. Connors was bitching about how we were going to die and something about us being a bunch of geeks. I laughed and took a copy of Expedition to Castle Ravenloft that John handed me. I figured I could run the adventure when we got back to camp.

We needed a place to search for the others and we needed to grill Corey about where they were. He told us they had been captured but we all know the enemy doesn’t capture us, they kill us. It didn’t make sense. He couldn’t remember where the ambushers hit them and all he could say was that he ran and hid. I was a little miffed with him but he is my friend and I am well aware of his shortcomings.

Before we left on this mission, Masters gave me a secret side job to perform. He wanted me to pick up a ring from some church in the City of York. I knew the place and figured why not but he demanded secrecy. I played along as it is always good to have the spook on your side. Now I remembered and told the guys that I knew a place we could hole up for the night and get some sleep. I took them to the Church of St John.

The Church was located in a spot that had been missed completely by all of the bombs. The neighborhoods around the church were demolished but the church looked untouched. I was feeling the hairs on my neck raising. When the doors opened and a priest answered, I nearly shot him. Ever the diplomat I spoke to him with the respect and reverence that can only be shown by one who is a Catholic. Though I don’t practice any more I know the proper way to act. He invited us in and offered us a place to sleep. He said he didn’t have food to offer so me and John pulled out Rhubarb preserves and pickles and offered them to him. He was very thankful.

After we settled in a bunch of us asked for confession and then we settled in to sleep. I snuck off and found Father Bob and laid on the BS thick. I told him about my mission for God. I told him that I was having visions and reams of a ring and that I didn’t understand them but knew this is where I would find it. I told him of a great battle and an arena and so much other BS I can’t even remember. Well Bob seemed like he was waiting for someone to lay this load of crap on him and he took a chain with a ring off of his neck and handed them to me. I really don’t know what to say beyond the fact that I am good. So fraking good that I could probably sell an Eskimo a block of ice on a winter day. Father Bob told me that the ring was entrusted to him and that he hoped it would help end this war. I put the chain on my neck without even really looking at it but I was able to see that it was some kind of Signet ring. Maybe it belonged to the Pope.

In the morning we were all well rested and some old fat woman served us eggs and bacon and grits and sausage and pancakes and coffee. We were in heaven. Then Father Bob asked us to leave and we did. I don’t know why I haven’t told John and Corey about the ring. Maybe I will but for now I feel the need to keep it quiet.

After discussing the options we decided to return to the mall. When we got there the Dinks were all gone and the place seemed empty. We started gathering supplies and even found a few shotguns that we are going to return to the camp. Then we hear a shot. We approached with caution and found a young woman and a few dead Dinks of different species. After some mistrustful words we came to an accord and the woman, whose name is Jessica Tempus, is now going to join us when we head back to camp. She is trying to get to Gettysburg to find her father, a famous scientist names, Frederick Tempus. I never heard of him.

Now is where this story gets derailed and crazy. We heard a noise and took up defensive positions. Then a voice out of the darkness, “Hello”. I engaged the voice in conversation and discovered it was an older Brit with a young black girl. She was hot but I tried not to get distracted. He showed me ID identifying himself as a member of the 3rd Penn Militia. MY sphincter squeezed so tight that I nearly shot the fucker. I demanded to see the ID again and for some reason, though I distrusted the guy, I couldn’t help but trust the ID. It was insane and yet there I was talking to the guy like he was an old friend. He demonstrated an alien devise that told him where our friends might be. We talked for a while about odd things and he started asking about where the beach was and we realized that he thought he was in Venice Beach. The he started asking about the year. Then he seemed to get it and became very grave looking. It was about this time that the girl started grilling Corey about Klingons and his Bat’leth. I caught her name as being Martha but nothing more. I decided to try the old silver tongue again and stepped in real close to the guy and demanded his help. He suddenly seemed to recognize me and he pointed to Jessica and told me to protect her at all cost. She was the key to saving the world. He then said “Cheerio” and him and the girl walked off into darkness. When we heard the tell tale classic sound of a TARDIS in motion the arguments began.

Now I know that couldn’t have been the Doctor but WHO was he and how did he know what he knew. I really think I am going insane but if I am, I can tale solace in the fact that John and Corey and Myers all agreed that the dude was in fact THE DOCTOR which of course he couldn’t be. We agreed as a team to omit this encounter from any official reports.

Now we are heading off to check out the place 2.5km to the east where The Doctor told us to go. Does this sound crazy to you? It sure feels crazy to me.

The Streets of York PA



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