Steve's Log 4

“This is some rescue. You came in here, didn’t you have a plan for getting out?”
Princess Leia

The entrance to hell probably seemed more promising than we were looking at. We saw a crater in front of us. About 50 yards into the crater was an alien device that was quite large. Around it was three emplaced guns and more than a dozen dinks. As we observed we also noticed three banshees on patrol that would come and go from time to time. The dinks seemed to be guarding the device, which as we observed, would lift dinks up into the air like an elevator with no box. It seemed the dinks used this as their way, into and off of the ship overhead.

The ship was big, maybe a 1000 feet long, maybe bigger. We figured it must hold at least 3000 dinks inside. A scary proposition for half a dozen people. We worked out a plan of attack. John would try to sneak in close and take out one of the emplaced guns while I would set up to snipe the other positions. He then would turn the gun onto the remainder of the dinks. Finally, once we had them reeling, I would order a charge to clean up the rest.

Things started out good. John got in and took out three or four with his knife. He climbed into the copula and signaled the attack. I took down the second turret and started dropping dinks. Maybe three or four seconds into this, the dinks exploded into action. A group charged me while I saw a skinny with a long gun taking a bead on John. I dropped the skinny and John turned the turret my way and blasted the group on the charge. Somehow I missed on sneaking up on us and he nailed Connors with a needler. Connors went down and exploded moments later. I turned over and shot the fin who made the kill as Myers unloaded into his corpse.

I turned back to cover John as he was diving for cover. A skinny was using a sniping rifle of some sort to take pock shots at him. I shouted and the skinny looked at me. As he turned to shoot I waited. When his gun was just about focused on me I peeled off his head. Stupid fucking skinny should have ducked.

We regrouped and assessed the situation. Connors was dead. I told Corey to hide the body and then to move to a way point about 200 yards from the crater. I told him to take our heavy gear and wait for us until we returned. He grumbled but did as he was told. Then Myers, John, and Jessica joined me for the sickening flight up into the alien ship. As I looked out over the world and felt my stomach turn, I could help but think that this was the last thing I would ever do. I was nearly right.

The size of the ship was immense but resistance was light. We took out squad after squad but never really faced any forces in mass. The new aliens, the big ones, lets call them Rippers, seemed scary. They used Lightsaber and they never seemed to show fear. We killed a couple of them and were feeling good about our success. It was then that a fin snuck in and popped Myers in the back with a plasma bolt. That little fucker ambushed us good. His next shot hit my M21 and blew it in half. John and Jessica opened up but this one was smart and took cover. I threw a plasma grenade but it landed short and nearly fried the team. As everyone took cover I could hear the dink powering up for a power shot. I yanked out my .357 and took aim. As he popped out I shot and took off half of his head. His shot hit the Ripper’s body I was hiding behind and burned me a bit.

What seemed like hours later we found the prison block. While searching it I got shot in the back. I remember falling forward and turning to see a disembodied Lightsaber swinging at me. I dove for cover, drew, and fired. I hit something, a force field maybe. I shot again and dodged another blow. This time I fell to the floor and this time the Lightsaber hit me.

I don’t remember much after that. I had visions of World War One and Captain Kirk and Spock fighting Nazis. I awoke a week later. We had saved Pete and the Girl and were now holed up in an old house. Father Bob provided us with a doctor who got me and the prisoners fixed up. After three or four more days we said our thanks and hit the road. I was still pretty fucked up but we needed to go.

Back at camp we were received as heroes. Seeing Sam brightened my day and getting some real rest with her at my side is doing me worlds of good. Now we need to decide. Stay with the militia, or go off with Jessica and save her father. The smart thing to do is stay with the group but I keep thinking about that strange encounter with The Doctor and his words of warning. I think we have to go for the rescue. Sam is pissed with me for even thinking about going on another mission. I think I will drag her along and keep her safe.

The Dink defense committee



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