Steve's Log 9

“You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.”
Rod Sterling

Nazi Ninjas from the Moon are hunting me now and I don’t like it. As such I have taken it upon myself to hand over the portal device to the TNG for safe keeping. Seeing as how he has experience with it, to me this is a no brainer. Besides, if he gets killed, I wont be as upset as I was when Old John died. Speaking of Old John, he is back. The cloning worked and I have to wonder what kind of pod person or nipple neck he has become. I suppose time will tell. It is very strange having him back. I mean we are in our mid forties but pod person John looks to be 20 years old. Very strange. I wonder if Jess wil give him a chance now that the doesn’t look as old as her father.

So I suppose I should back up a bit. First of all I want to say that this new world is cool. I got to enter this thing called Amateur night and drive a beat up car with a rocket launcher. Six other people had the same car and we battled it out. Unfortunately my tires got blown and I had to abandon the game but not before I fired four rockets into some chicks car and rammed her good. Following my debut on the Autoduel circuit I headed off with science geek John to try to make some cash. I tried selling my battle rifle to no avail. Then the device started beeping and we investigated. It led us cross city to the parking lot of the arena. There some dude just popped into existence and we had ourselves a Mexican standoff. After some conversation the situation was diffused.

The guy turned out to be Ike, an interdimensional explorer and member of the IDA. Later we would learn he had a team with him and they were here to investigate the show about the fringe paths. Little did they know that in one of our games from back in the eighties, we played these guys as characters. Now I am thinking and thinking real hard. Dr Who, The Master, Nazis from the moon, ninjas, and now the IDA. What does it all mean? I have a theory that Robert Heinlein was dead on with the Number of the Beast. When traveling to other world in alternate dimensions you will key into world that have bits and pieces of your imagination in them. In the book, the characters ended up in OZ. Now we are off traveling to other worlds and guess what, we are running into the books, television, and games that inspired our childhood. The very things that made life worth living. I am doing a checklist in my brain to figure out where I dont ever want to go and Innsmouth and Ravenloft are very high on that list. Hell the Tomb of Horrors would destroy us. I hope that we continue to end up in places that we can survive and only run into people that wont kill us. I am really straying here so back to the core of the story.

We hooked up with The Professor and he tried to scam us by offering us something that sounded good but in the end burning us because we didn’t like his offer. I think he still holds a grudge against me. I really can’t understand it. We saved his fraking life and he doesn’t have one ounce of gratitude. Then his fraking daughter goes off on me telling me I called her dad a Nazi. I never did except in the loosest sense. I speculated that the Nazis were hunting him or he was working with them but hunting him made more sense. I don’t get why her and John can’t see that possibility and are striking the appearences of Nazis on multiple worlds as coincidence. Anyone who reads about this kind of crap knows that coincidence rarely happens.

After things fell apart with the Professor we got ambushed in our hotel by Ninjas with HK-MP5K’s Me and Science John got shot taking them down. Sam apparently is following my instruction well. She shot like a pro. My only beef with the whole thing was that we failed to take a prisoner. Our new fringer friends used a wand on us and healed us instantly. They claimed it was T-Tech but it looked like magic to me. I couldn’t help thinking about Harry Potter. After searching the Ninjas we found a tracker that could track the device. This is another reason I gave John the device. I can track him and it as needed. I don’t need to be the one carrying the huge target.

The last bit of craziness happened when we went back to the parking lot where we met Ike. A guy walks up to us and strikes up a conversation. He implied he had a team of snipers taking aim on us. He wanted the device and offered $20000 for it. We blew him off and then things got heated. Science John gave him a phone number and told him we would think about it. We dont even have phones so it was good thinking on John’s part to come up with this.

I am now getting paranoid. Fucking moon Nazis, Ninjas, some kind of government agents, and The Professor all want our device. I am ready to set up my own ambush and give it to them. I am ready to go to fraking war. If I find out who tried to have us killed, I will go to every possible length to kill his/her family and friends in addition to killing the boss.

I am feeling kind of scattered right now. Angry, alone, and quite honestly, MURDEROUS. I really think we need to go on the run until the device resets. This staying in place is making me insane. We need a leader, direction, and motivation. Until we have that, I suspect we will slowly fall apart and eventually turn on each other. Corey obviously wants to go back to Alien Invasion Earth to find his kids. John Monahan seems to want the same. Me, I have written that world off and am done grieving for the loss of my family and friends. If they are still alive, I have to recognize that the odds of finding them is next to nothing. I think me and Samantha can make a good life out here on the inter-dimensional byways. I hope I can convince the others to go with me.

I hope my next entry is a little more organized.

Seatle autoduel arena Parking Lot- Fringe Warp located at parking space I-7



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