Loggybook 2

“Tool up, honey bunny. It’s time to get bad guys.”
~Damon Macready

Hello Loggybook. Me not happy today. Me sad. Me new friends think me fictional character from stupid game. Me not fictional character. Me not Jar Jar Binks. Me Elle, me good girl. Me walk with queenie and she not treat me like dog meat stick. She treat me like kind nice pretty lady. Me like queenie. Me wonder what one has to to to be queenie. Me think me not smart enough to be queenie and me not pretty enough. Me meet painted queenie and she tell me that me is special. Me like special. Me is special. Me have perfect ass. Me is special good girl. She tell me they have school for special people like me. Maybe me go to special people school. Me then get big sciencey brain and me be professor. Me like to dream. dream make me feel good. Me almost forget. Me go to crypt to see new friends and they get into big fight and not even see me. Me poof lots of people. Me dress up as masked crusader and me pretend to be big bad vigilante type. Then The Professor shout to world, “I AM BATMAN!” and me suddenly realize that me could be Robin. Me want to be Robin. Me make good sidekick. Me kickass. Me gots to go, dinner is calling. Bye Bye Loggybook.

Professor’s Log: So Much for the Security Deposit
“Oh, but you can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you.” Sir Denis, Monty Python and the Holy Grail*

Christina decided that she was going to take Beatty, Sam and Jasmin on a little girls’ weekend. That left us guys to our own devices. You can imagine how well that went.

Everything started quietly. We spent the evening hanging out, drinking and generally unwinding at Callahan’s. We left at closing and started for home. Before we got far, a portal opened up, a slide appeared and three ladies, who shall for now and for evermore be known as the Power Puff Girls, appeared. They claimed to be some sort or interdimensional cops looking for a serial killer. That was all well and good, but they then detected our devices, said they were illegal and demanded that we hand them over. Guess what happened next. Once the shooting was done, the Power Puff Girls bamfed out and we continued on our merry way.

We made it about a block. A new chick, dressed in a hoody and talking like Jar Jar Bink’s long lost sister, comes up to us and says she’s looking for me. She tells us this story about world’s colliding and billions dying and how we only had six hours to stop it. We gathered up our gear and met back at my place to talk it over, but before we could do much talking, the girl, who we learned was named Ellie, pulled out a matrix and teleported us, and a hefty chunk of my and Corey’s apartment, to another world. So much for the security deposit.

Part of Ellie’s story involved talking to Merlin, so when we landed in the woods, we assumed that we were in some alternate of medieval England. Close but no cigar. Once we went exploring, we found a suspiciously modern looking road made out of the same metal as the Fringe Paths. We followed it, and found a little town. We hadn’t been there long, when we discovered that fringe travelers were considered something akin to royalty here. The locals started calling us Lord, and falling all over themselves to help us.

We got a chauffeured lift to the next biggest city, called Tintangale. That was where the king lived, and when we met King Mark, he said we were to be his guests. That sounded pretty good to us, so we stuck around for a while. I turns out that Ellie’s not particularly good with the whole time concept, and she might have gotten that six hour time limit messed up.

While enjoying the King’s hospitality, we learned some important things. First, even though it looked like a storybook version of merry old England, this world was pretty high tech. What looked and acted like magic, was really some very advanced nanotech. Instead of weapons or armor, the local royalty used something they called the cloud. These were swarms of nanobots that could form into weapons, shields or just about anything else you needed. They even gave each of us a set. The second thing we learned is that the dominant religion was Christian Science. It’s not the kind you read about in the Christian Science Monitor, though. Here, they worship science. The scientific method and Occam’s razor are like gospel to them. It’s my kind of place.

The third thing we learned is that there was some type of spreading destructive force spreading over the land, consuming anything and anybody that it came in contact with. It reminds me of the Nothing in the Neverending Story. Some of us think it might be something going wrong with one of the Fringe portals, that’s causing this world to be swallowed by another. We’re not sure, but if somebody, i.e. us, doesn’t do something soon, there’s going to be nothing left.

We were contemplating all this when, King Mark asked us to accompany his queen, Isolt, to Londinium. That’s where we were headed anyway, so we agreed. We traveled by sea on this dinky wooden boat. Why people with super science nanotech would want to do that, I don’t know. Maybe it’s like their equivalent of camping. Anyway, we got to talking to Queen Isolt, and she had quite a lot to say about her husband. He was pretty nice to us, but actually, he was another one of those tin plated little dictators, bent on oppressing the peasantry. He was playing fast and loose with the local laws to keep himself in power.

Right before we left, the King gave Pete a bottle of wine and asked him to present it to King Arthur. He said it was a powerful love potion that would make Guinevere fall in love with him. The story falls apart on a couple of counts. First, why does Arthur need Guinevere to fall in love with him? Aren’t they already in love? Second, why does Mark care so much about Arthur’s love life? From everything we’ve heard, they aren’t too fond of each other. Third, why send his queen, just to deliver a bottle of wine. We think the whole thing is some sort of plot to get a war started with Arthur. If Arthur were to drink the potion and fall in love with Isolt instead of Guinevere that would certainly be a pretext for war.

Oh, and did I mention the mellors? While we were discussing the ins and outs of Arthurian intrigue, John sniffed out that the queen’s old handmaiden was a mellor. Having been revealed, she attacked us. We did pretty quick work of her, but it turned out that pretty much everyone on board, except us, was a mellor. The next thing we know, we’re facing an endless sea of ravenous jaws. The only one who wasn’t a mellor, was our old buddy Volstagg. I don’t know what he was doing on board, but I do know I was grateful for the help.

It was a Hell of a fight, but eventually, we managed to kill the last of them and save the queen. We made it to Londinium, and now we’re trying to get the lay of the land and figure out what to do next. We were hoping to find Merlin here, but he’s traveling elsewhere, so we have to come up with plan B. In the meantime, I want to explore and see if I can get myself some more of those cloud gizmos.

Corey Log 14


well we are now in a land where being world travelers makes you nobles. Thats kind of cool. I like this world, they use nano tech to build things like armor and weapons as well as force fields to prevent fast speed item from working. It reminds of Dune the original one i saw with patrick stewart and linda hunt also Sting.

I want to scream out loud so badly my favorite line………“FATHER, THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKEN!!!”

I think that is why i feel that I am changing. Becoming more bold and daring to step out of my shell. I came across a new/old friend. Her name is Ellie but I know her as Eight from my old gaming days of playing Star trek beyond. The others I think realize like i do that the worlds we gamed about are crossing over to our realities. Which means for me that there is a chance that my old character might be around as well as some of the other guy’s people. My character Karr was trouble guy fighting alot of demons from his time in denchar and he became very bad. Hell, he/I impale a man to death with my dick.

So i kind of worry about those people here. but Eight always meant well and is a loyal sweetheart…she is just a little off like the crazy aunt that nobody understand but you.

Well, i have additional gear, an armor that takes on the form of a klingon armor from the movie i saw into the darkness….it is cool



Well I have been working using the Bat’leth so I think i m starting to the hang of it

we were able to learn alot about the land from local king, who told us the rules in his land. We were treated well.

we were ask to escort his lady to meet King Arthur….yes i did say the name.

Well while in our travel via see….the whole crew turn out to be mellors

now I am very concern about that and I wondering why is big john and lil john plotting to get me….first it was sam now its them…..i dont know whats going on…….

i was wondering if i had a spider in my head but Eight/Ellie would have speared me in the head with her needles by now.

hmm something is not right

Steve's Log 41

“There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere.”
Isaac Asimov

The girls decided to ditch us guys for a few days which left us plenty of room to find some trouble but trouble was not going to wait for us. Trouble came int he form of a young woman who claimed to have been sent on a quest by Merlin. She was looking for the Professor and he seemed not to want to be found. She almost escaped us when John convinced the happy old Prof to go after her and talk. Well things happened fast after that and now we find ourselves in the land of Arthur and The Round Table. It is not the lands I was expecting but a high tech wonderland filled with strangeness. I shall write more later and give greater details but for now, suffice it to say, this place is perhaps the place we needed to go if we where to ever break from being the bad guys and turn ourselves into heroes. I am feeling my passions swell just at the thought of jousting in a tournament on dragon back.

John's Log 38
Arthurian 1

I don’t think things ought to be done because you are able to do them. I think they should be done because you ought to do them.
T.H. White, The Once and Future King

We didn’t get to use the Grand Staircase to travel this time; hell, we didn’t even get to use the device. Instead, we got zapped here by a girl named Ellie, who used what I can only believe is a Matrix to pop us into this world (and at the same time destroy John and Corey’s apartment).

We were leaving Callahan’s when this whole thing started. Christine had taken all the girls off on some vacation, with no indication of where they’d gone or how long they’d be there, so me and the guys had gone to Mike’s to shoot some pool and have some beers. On our way out we got to witness a vortex open and what can only be described as an inflatable emergency slide open up, which allowed the three rather attractive women who popped out to reach the ground safely and unhurt. (That’s got me wondering if our device has that function at all?!). These women turned out to be parachronic cops, and while they weren’t there for us (surprisingly), they did become aware of our Tempus Devices and demanded that we turn them over. That didn’t happen.

What did happen was a short fight which ended with the ladies retreating and with us meeting Ellie, who claimed to have been sent by Merlin in search of the Professor. Merlin needed our help or lots – read billions – of people would die. Since we had nothing else going on at the time we agreed. Taking the time to get our things, we gathered at the Bradbury before we set out. That’s when Ellie pulled out the Matrix and put a 6-meter hole in John and Corey’s apartment.

After the initial surprise, outrage, and sickness was over we took stock of our surroundings: forest. (It’s almost always forest when we travel that way; that or swamp.) With nothing else pointing the way (no, Ellie didn’t know which way to go either), we picked a direction and traveled until we came upon a road. Now, let me explain that I was rather excited about meeting Merlin, King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, etc. I’d read the stories, and the idea of jousting and all sounded like a lot of fun (yeah it would hurt, but so does getting hit by a battle axe in Hyboria). So I was somewhat taken aback when the road we discovered wasn’t a dirt lane or a Roman highway like we were expecting. No, this was made of some sort of metal, which turned out to be the same material that makes up the Fringe pathways. A quick scan of the radio waves after this discovery proved we weren’t in some ancient time.

A short hike later had us in a town where we were able to get transportation – the equivalent of an air taxi in Night City – to the City of Tintangale, home to King Mark. We were received as nobility there (which, as it turns out, is the status of anyone who is Fringeworthy), and invited to stay as the King’s guests. The primary laws of this world are essentially Chivalry and Hospitality, but the real surprise was that being ‘Christian’ here is not the ‘Christian’ we were all familiar here; in this world, Christian implies a belief in the ways of science (in the purest form), and so Christian Science takes on a whole new meaning as well. The long and short of it is, here Pete and John are the Christians, while Steve, Corey, and myself are the pagan dirtbags.

Somewhere along the way of learning this, I had managed to insult our host’s belief system. Our tutor, Sir Tristram, immediately challenged me to a duel. Immediately Pete tried to defend my words – I had only been joking – but I only saw a chance to take on Tristram in a one-on-one duel. We’d just been told that one’s renown here meant everything, and I could only think about how much I would earn by standing up to a knight as great as Sir Tristram (I had no illusions as to whether I would win, I just wanted to have the fight). We agreed to ‘First Blood’ and met in the morning. I actually won the fight (I was quicker), but his initial attack could neither be stopped nor avoided – I got fucked up but good!

The next day (after I had received some quite impressive medical aid utilizing the nano-technology prevalent in this world), King Mark asked us to escort Queen Isolt to Breton, or more specifically Londinium. Since we eventually had to get there ourselves we agreed, and chose to take the naval route rather than the long overland journey. On the second night out, we were invited to dine with the Queen in her cabin; at some point the conversation turned to the politics of her homeland and her disagreements with her husband. At some point I realized that the elderly servant with the Queen was in fact a mellor. As I didn’t want to immediately attack (she might have been an Old Mellor), I mentioned it to the Queen in hopes of learning just that. Nope; the servant immediately returned to her true form and attacked the Queen. We quickly dispatched that threat and were still regaining our breath when the true attack came – the entire crew were mellors, and were now clawing their way through every entrance into the cabin available.

That fight went neither as quickly nor as smoothly as the one prior – in no small part due to the sheer number of quickly moving teeth assaulting us. My immediate thought was for Isolt’s protection and took appropriate measures while the rest of the guys went to work killing the horde. There were just too many of them, and we were quickly being overrun. At some point Volstag showed up – I think he’d been the cook on board or something. Eventually we overcame the sea of teeth, and luckily the Queen was unhurt. Corey and I didn’t fare so well, though, but Ellie had some of the local nanomeds that soon had us back on our feet.

Our arrival at Londinium occurred a few days later, and we received a welcome worthy of the Queen’s rank. She’s been given quarters in the palace, while the rest of us were given money so that we could find our own lodging. Ellie’s going to show us around town a bit while we wait for Merlin to get in touch – we’d tried to speak to him but were informed he was away at the moment. So far this world has exceeded any expectations I’ve had and I’m looking forward to taking on whatever challenge comes next. Who knows? I may have to give up the houseboat back in Night City and move here. I guess that’ll depend on whether or not we can stop the spread of the Wasteland, but I’m confident we can succeed. After all, this is a world of Arthurian Legends, and our Quest is just beginning!

Loggybook 1

“No doubt exists that all women are crazy; it’s only a question of degree.”
W. C. Fields

Hello Loggy Book. Me so sad you not here. Me have soo much to tell you. Me do as we talked about and traveled to see The Wizard. Everyone knows he can answer anything. If he can’t save us then no one can. Me feel very small when talking to him but he is great man and he is very nice and super super old. Did you know he live for over two thousand years? Me was so surprised to learn this. Me think he look eighty at most. Me wonder what me will look like at eighty. Will me perfect ass sag? Me fear it might so me need to get good doctery person to make me stay firm. If me ass get saggy then me not have anything to be happy about. Even snorting poofy people will not feel like happy place joy joy. Me wonder if me pets will stay with me when me get saggy and sad. If they try to leave me will be forced to poof them and then keep them in a jar. Wizardyman tell me to send me pets away to do something for him and he give me shiny metal egg. He tell me to go and find the professor, the lion, and the snake. Finding them was easy. The snake and the professor always travel together and act like they is friend and enemies and friends again. Me like the professor, he is furry like a nerf but he talks like his big daddy. The snake was supposed to be mean but he was real quiet. Maybe that is why they call him the snake. Me not sure if me like him or not. The lionis hard to tell. It could be one of three people but me think me know him right. He get loud in fight and scream like little girl and make me giggle and fall down. Me like the giggle fall down sickness. Me wish me could fall down all time and pee pants. Me watch shield ladies pick fight with ossie people and me sneak up and get close to lion. Lion not too bright. He not see me but me get seen and say hi. Me tell everyone of bad things and bad people and bad stuff and bad food. Me not sure why me tell them about bad food but food was bothing stomach. Me then see bad spider and pick it out of little old man head. Me notice evil replicating faker person soldier and me smash him to bits. Me gets yelled at by professor and me smile and be nice and give away fakerhead. Me then use shiny stone the way the wizard told me and we went poof. Everyone get mad at me when building rip and tear and fall down. Me want to laugh because it was fun and loud and made me feel giddy. Me get sad because everyone mad at me and telling me me crazy and me not like being called crazy. Me good girl. Me not crazy girl. Me not bad girl. Me good girl. Me smile and everything alright. We travel lots and play with clouds and make thunder and stuff. Me then gets to go on boat and see ocean. Ocean smell funny. No amonia. No flying sharks. No evil points. Lots of little ewokie people. me feel odd and go throw up. Me then hear lion scream like little girl. Me trip over big hairy man with shiny blade. Me gets up and run to see screamy lion and me sees lots of mushydogs. Me gets out me wirlywavegun and me starts poofing mushydogs. Me sees friend getting eaten and me shoots mushydogs on him with stun to save him. He gets odd look in his eyes and fall downs under shield as mushydogs eat more of him. M not like mushydogs and mushydogs not seem to be hurt by stun. Me gets angry but fight is over and we go to pretty city with pretty people with pretty clothes. Me likes pretty city pretty people pretty clothes. Me go have fun and take everyone to underworld.

Professor’s Log: Time to Get the Hell Out of Dodge
“Improvise, Adapt and Overcome!” ― Clint Eastwood, Heartbreak Ridge

We finally caught up with the skin thief and nearly got killed for our troubles. John had the idea that since he had been ambushed at a basement door, we should check out what was inside the basement. It turned out to be a good idea. Not only did it turn out that the basement in question just happened to be underneath the tanner’s shop, but when we went down, it was covered with blood, human as well as animal. We also found a couple of bottles of witch hazel and a straight razor. We put two and two together and headed over to the barber shop.

We didn’t do a lot of planning ahead of time, but I think most of us were under the impression that we were going there to find more incriminating evidence and ask the barber a few awkward questions. Apparently Steve’s plan was a little more to the point. As soon as we walked in and the barber greeted us, Steve hit him in between the eyes with his axe. That really seemed to piss the guy off and he laid into us. Once he started sloughing the barber’s skin, there wasn’t any doubt that he was the skin thief, but he put up a Hell of a fight. It took Steve, John, Corey and me to put him down. When the deed was done, we searched the place and found that he had been collecting skins and stashing them away in jars under the shop’s floor. Creepy much?

We informed the sheriff of what we found, and he seemed pretty relieved, not to mention grateful to have one fewer monster in town. We then proceeded to repay his gratitude by hijacking a Zeppelin and stealing a train, but to paraphrase the scorpion to the frog, “it’s our nature.”

Christina tipped us off that the train carrying all the opium was also carrying an artifact called the sword of the green dragon. We weren’t sure exactly what that it was, but it sounded like something we’d like to have. Somebody, I’m not exactly sure who, came up with the idea to “borrow” Prof. Erlenmeyer’s Zeppelin and use it to intercept the train. It would have been pretty easy to do, except that Erlenmeyer was sleeping on board. Add kidnapping to our ever growing list of misdeeds.

We made it to the train and boarded from above. Pete went to secure the engine, while Steve, Corey and I headed to the mail car where we expected the sword and the opium to be. We weren’t expecting the pair of nine foot tall blue ogres with giant swords, though. Fortunately for us, they weren’t expected a team of high tech, time traveling cyborgs either. The final score was blue ogres 0, cyborgs 2.

The rest was pretty anti-climactic. We talked the rest of the guys out of robbing the passengers, and just for shits and giggles, we opened up a portal and sent the empty train thru. I’m not sure which world it landed it, but I kind of like thinking it landed on a few Dinks when it hit. After that, we took Erlenmeyer back to his lab, returned his Zeppelin and even helped him fix his machine. As happy as he was to have it working again, he figured that the best use for it was to put as many worlds between him and us as possible. He opened a rift that sucked us in. I can’t say I blame him. Luck must have been with us, because we ended up back in Night City. Time to relax, like that’ll happen.

Steve's Log 40

“There’s a difference between criminals and crooks.
Crooks steal.
Criminals blow some guy’s brains out.”

~Ronnie Biggs

The trail of the Skin Thief was looking hot. We went into that basement under the Tanner’s shop. It was the very basement the little girl tried to get John into a few days ago. Turns out the skin thief was using the plas to mask his killings. Lots of blood and other grisly shit. I noticed a bunch of bottles of witch hazel along with a straight razor. After some talk we headed to the barber shop. Apparently the only one in town. The greasy Italian fuck of a barber walked up with a grin and started that Italian slurred English and I cracked him in the head with my ax. Apparently the guys failed to consider that this was the plan. Maybe I should have relayed it to them. The skin fell away and the barber started thrashing about. He grabbed at me, then John, then the Professor and missed every time. All the while we piled on hits from my ax, John’s sword, The Professor’s pistol, and Pete’s bow. The fucker would not go down. Finally he dropped and I chopped off his head. We were a bloody mess.

A quick search uncovered his stash of skins and we got the sheriff who seemed rather impressed. Later we stole a zeppelin, robbed a train, and got the fuck out of this world. And I say good riddance.

John's Log 37
Weird West 4

“Now remember, things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. ‘Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.”
Clint Eastwood, The Outlaw Josey Wales

After another terror-filled night of sleeping (or not) followed by a pleasant breakfast, we got around to the job of finding the skin-thief. First, though, we dealt with the fallout around town about the bank robbery – it sure seemed like the Sherriff suspected us (strongly), but he didn’t have any evidence. The first place we checked was the cellar the skin-thief had tried to get me. In a surprising twist of irony, that cellar turned out to be located under the town’s butcher and tanner shops. In hindsight, that should have been one of the first places we checked, but we’ve never been the investigative types; we’re more the ‘aim us at the problem and shoot’ type if adventurers. Anyhow, we didn’t find the creature down there, but we did find a lot of blood and an apron – the sort we’d seen the local barber wearing. So, that’s where we headed next.

This town has a lot of shops, mostly due to the boom-town nature of the place – it even has two doctors! Yet, it only has the one barbershop so finding the right place was no problem. The girls went around back to cut off any escape route while the rest of us went it. I expected to talk to the guy, if only to make sure we had the right guy in mind. Steve, as usual, had other ideas. The instant we walked in he swung the axe he was carrying and split the barber’s skull open. Needless to say, the rest of us were a bit stunned by that turn of events. Steve’s moment of being stunned was when the barber took his turn at swinging back. By the time the rest of us figured out what was happening, the fight was on in full.

I have a love-hate relationship with this reality. I love the simplicity of the place, and the idea of living in a John Wayne of Clint Eastwood movie. I hate the fact that things here just don’t die. I get, finally, why John hated Hyboria – things don’t work here the way I think they should.

To get back to the skin-thief, the thing just wouldn’t go down. Steve, John, and myself were taking the thing on at close quarters, while Pete stood back and shot with his bow (thank all of the gods for his skill and accuracy with that thing). The thing just wouldn’t go down, but it at least it didn’t manage to tag any of us. It’s my belief that it was used to striking from ambush and had no skill for a pitched battle. In the end we won, but I won’t be forgetting that thing any time soon. At least I’m sure we got the right one, ‘cause the nightmares have stopped and I’m no longer the klutz I’d been over the last few days.

We partied afterwards, taking Jazz and the rest of the girls dancing. At the time I didn’t know where he’d gotten the information, but at some point Pete filled us in on the train coming into town in a couple of days, supposedly loaded with opium and some sword called the ‘Green Dragon’. Since we all wanted to pull a train heist while we were in the ‘Old West’, we immediately began making plans. Professor Erlenmeyer had finally made it into town (being a mad scientist he had of course gone all absent-minded on us and had forgotten about the meeting we had set up); that meant his proto-zeppelin was here. We stole it – with him aboard – and started following the tracks toward the oncoming train. Our plan was to rappel down and to hijack it; Pete would take the locomotive while the rest of us would take the cargo and control the passengers. We were a good twenty miles out of town and getting farther when Pete finally thought to call Christine – it had been her plan and info Pete told us about, and we had apparently just jumped her heist. The long and short of it is that Pete’s not going to be getting any from her for quite a while.

The heist went off without a hitch. I know, but even our plans work once in a while – the Law of Averages demands it. There were two Asian ogres guarding the sword but the guys took care of them pretty easily, and Alice and I only had to deal with two ‘wannabe heroes’. In the end, we decoupled the passenger cars so the civilians would be safe and comfortable until the Sherriff arrived with his posse (we telegraphed their location before we left) and then took the locomotive and cargo cars on up the line so we could meet up with Christine (who’d been trying to join us since Pete called her). Once we met her – and took the cargo we’d just stolen – we used the ‘Device’ and sent the train through a vortex. Then we all climbed into the zeppelin and headed back to Erlenmeyer’s lab. I’d love to see the newspaper articles that are going to be written about the ‘Disappearing Train Heist’, pulled off by the ‘Brotherhood of the Sky’, but that’ll have to wait until we get back – if ever.

At Erlenmyer’s lab, we set about getting his stuff repaired; John and I even paid for the parts he needed to get, plus some other gizmos he’d had his eyes on for a while. The Professor hadn’t been a part of our heist at all, and had even condemned us for the crime it was – he’s a good man, through and through. I thought the efforts we’d made to avoid casualties had mollified his concerns somewhat, and maybe they had. I do know he didn’t want us near his town or home anymore, ‘cause the instant his Tesla Temporal Vortex Generator was online, he used it to zap us right out of his lab. The last thing I heard him say was “Auf Wiedersehen”, and then we were gone. Luckily, we ended up right where we needed to be – Night City. I say lucky, but maybe the Professor put us where we needed to be to get Alice and Stephanie home; like he said, maybe his action was moderated by our actions during the heist.

So we’re here. Alice and Stephanie are safe, and I’ve given them enough money to move out of the CZ and into some place safer. There was enough to get Stephanie into a decent school as well, so they’ll be better off now. I’m gonna show Jasmine around a bit and relax a little before we get back to drifting around the multiverse. I think we should start using the Grand Staircase to travel, and the guys agree, so maybe that’s the route we’ll take this time. Whatever the case, and whichever way we get there, I can’t wait to see what’s next – so long as somebody else gets cursed instead of me.

Professor’s Log: Thing’s to Do in Halcyon When You’re Bored
“OK, boys; let's go make a withdrawal.” -- John Dillinger

This skin thief is starting to piss everyone off. We’re all pretty edgy, and that’s not a good thing for us or anyone in our immediate vicinity. John seems to be getting the worst of it. He’s been having bad nightmares. It’s so bad that he says he’s afraid to go to sleep. I guess it’s the sleep deprivation, but he’s also been pretty clumsy of late. That’s unusual for him, big time unusual. I don’t think he’s going to be his old self until we put this thing down once and for all.

We’ve tried looking for this thing everywhere from brothels to churches, and I mean that literally, and come up empty. We even tried setting a trap for it, using John as bait. Not only didn’t the thing fall for it, but John got bored waiting and took it upon himself to rob the bank. No planning, no cluing us in, he just picked the lock and went in. You know what they say about karma? Well around here, he’s a mean looking Mexican.

John managed to get into the safe, and just when he was helping himself, in walks the bank owner’s bodyguard, the one who looks like Machete. Well, let me tell you, he doesn’t need no machete. This fucker’s got claws. John shot him at point blank range a couple of times, and all it did was tick him off. Pete and I were outside waiting for the skin thief when we heard the gunshots. We headed in and saw this thing trying to gut John, so we let him have it. I shot him, and Pete let fly with a couple of arrows. Even the jaguar showed up to take a piece, and it took all of us to kill him. We’re cybered up and armed to fuck all with 21st century weaponry, and it took three of us to kill him. That’s just not right.

By then the whole town was roused by the noise, so we got out of there as quickly and quietly as we could. We managed to make it to the rooftops before anyone saw us, and we waited there for an opening to get away. In all the chaos, it wasn’t hard. When we got back to the hotel, we checked the loot. John had managed to nab about $20,000 and a handful of deeds. I ended up with a vial of some sort of chemical or potion that was in the safe. I have no idea what it was doing there. We kind of collectively decided to give the deeds back to the landowners. Who knows, it might earn us a little more friendliness from the locals. Of course, we’re no closer to finding the skin thief and eventually, John’s going to need some more sleep.


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