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  • Velastios

    Old Velastios has long served as a scholar at the Great Library of Shadizar. His knowledge is immense, and it is said that he has forgotten what most people will learn in a lifetime. Now his life is a lonely one, and he enjoys any conversation he is able …

  • Jatesh

    Jatesh is a Vendhyan scholar and sorcerer. After defeating the group in combat, he gave them the job of retrieving a book from the City of Yezud, in Zamora.

  • Ming Xedong

    Ming Xedong was sent to accompany the group by Jatesh, to ensure that his goals were accomplished. She seems to be quite capable as a swordswoman, and doesn’t seem intimidated at all at being alone on her quest.

  • Ndami

    Ndami is a former beast trainer for the Arena in Shadizar, a place where men and animals fight for the entertainment of the crowd. Originally from the land of Kush, he now lives in a run-down villa outside the walls of Shadizar with his lion Roghro and …

  • Kinfe

    One of the bandits who joined the group is Kinfe, a mysterious warrior from the Southern Kingdoms. He likes to travel with Corey, as he doesn’t really understand him.

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