Mike Callahan

Mike is the owner-operator of his pub – one that can apparently be accessed from many different worlds. Travelers who are lucky enough to find his place often use it to meet with friends who might otherwise be accessible.

At Mike’s place, there are two strict rules: first, no violence – ever. Second, wherever it is you came in from, that’s the place you’re going back to – no shortcuts are to be found here.

Steve: Mike is a nice guy but you can’t help feeling like he is looking down on you. He likes knucks alot but I don’t get the impression that he likes any of the rest of us.

Known Entryways to Mikes

Mike’s Saloon: Located in the town of Clarksville, Seattle, in the world of ‘Car Wars’.
Mike’s Bar and Grill: Located in the Colton district of Night City, California, in ‘Cyber-World’.

Mike Callahan

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