Neptune's Hangman

A 16 gun brig with a crew of 64.


Captain Obadiah Marsh runs the ship with an iron fist, but seems fair so long as the rules of the ship are observed. The Captain has exhibited some knowledge of twentieth century technology, and has even been witnessed using nightvision goggles on at least one occassion.

Obadiah marsh

Quartermaster Henri Caesar Speaks virtually no English but does speak Spanish, Dutch, and some native tongues. He is a cold hearted bastard who is rumored to have sold his own mother into slavery for a few pieces of silver.


Bosun Siaka Sombu is the Captain’s fist, enforcing his rules through both fear and strength of arms. She seems to have taken a shine to the group in general and to Steve in particular.


Other Positions of Note:

  • Cook: Pete “Scrappy”
  • Bosun’s Mate: Steve
  • Captain’s Woman: Samantha

Sam’s New Clothes

Other Crew and Passengers

A Mysterious Passenger, both beautiful and exotic, is aboard, but no sailor knows what her goal is or what business she has with the Captain.

Mysterious Passenger

Milo ‘Matches’ Blackadder was wearing John’s glasses, at least until he was beaten down and the glasses were recovered. Does he intend to gain his revenge, or will he continue to skulk in the shadows?

The Lady Isabella Bandeaux was captured aboard the Buen Consejo along with her handmaidens. She remains a prisoner, though she is kept in relative comfort in the officer’s quarters part of the ship. Her handmaidens are beautiful and mysterious. They have been seen to speak Spanish and French. Currently they reside in the ship’s prison along with some black slaves.

Pirate perez

JohnB’s Note: I believe these ‘women’ to be inhuman, and also believe that the Lady they serve must either be aware of that or is a monster herself. I can’t say what type of monster, but I will not be alone with any one of them at any time.

Caireann is a fey little person who was living in the cave containing the ship’s treasure. She has taken a shine to John Monahan, and follows him everywhere. Few have noticed because she has the power to turn invisible at will.


Neptune's Hangman

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