Pacific Park


Bill’s Picnic Area: When the mood strikes him, Bill holds court here while he throws a party. This usually occurs when his friends from the Aldecaldo Nomad family are in town.


Bill is a former SouthAm vet who has gone on to become a renowned edgerunner – more for his uncanny luck than for his ability (which isn’t lacking in its own right). Bill has succeeded at runs that most wouldn’t even tackle.

Corey: Bill is real cool. I want to hang out with him and the Nomads more. They accepted us at the party.

Steve: This dude is cool but I couldn’t help feeling like at any moment he was going to butcher all of us. He hooked us up with a ripper doc which is righteous.


Santiago is one of the Aldecaldo nomads. She was meeting with Bill when we arrived at the party with Bill’s beer. She was also the individual who offered to hire the group to make a run – only John accepted the task.

Steve:This one is pretty and and if she is THE SANTIAGO then she is also dangerous as shit. I think she is Taco’s sister or something. I will try to get on her good side the next time I deal with her. You never know when a contact like that might prove useful.

Taco is also one of the Aldecaldos. A misunderstanding at the start of the evening almost led to blood being spilled, but all was put right before the end of the party.

Steve: This self righteous Mexican prick starts screaming at me in a language I don’t speak so I start yelling back at him in Dutch. How the frak was I to know that Dutch is the language of mercs in this world. Next thing I know I am going to have to kill this piece of shit. Lucky for him that his friends convinced him to talk it out. I apologized to keep my friends happy and he and I made good. Still he is a Mexican and I know he is likely to stab me in the back some day.

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Pacific Park

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