The Hollywood Knights


  • Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Steele

Known Members

  • Steve ‘Glamour Boy’ Gardner
  • Irving ‘Blackface’ Jolson
  • Brandy ‘Wine’ Noonan
  • Carmen ‘Killer’ Flores
  • Karl ‘Wrong-Way’ Gruner

Preferred Aircraft

  • Hughes Aviation Bloodhawk
  • Hughes Aviation Firebrand
  • Curtiss-Wright J2 Fury

Base of Operations

  • Santa Monica, Nation of Hollywood

The Metro Marauders are arguably the best-known squadron in the Hollywood Knights, the air militia that defends the Nation of Hollywood. Like the rest of the Hollywood Knight squadrons, the Marauders are named after the film studio that sponsors them (in this case Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer). The Metro Marauders are based in Santa Monica (headquartered at the Hughes Aircraft field there, which has fueled speculation about the relationship between the Marauders and Hughes Corporation.

Commanded by Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Steele, the Metro Marauders are one of the best-known squadrons in North America (rivaled only by the Empire State’s Madison Venturers). The spearhead of the Hollywood Knights air militia, the Marauders are often the first line of defense in the Nation of Hollywood.

Named for the film studio that funds their exploits, the Metro Marauders are headquartered in Santa Monica, staging out of a Hughes Aviation airfield. As result, there is widespread speculation that the Marauders and Hughes have some form of relationship. Some relationship certainly exists, because the Knights fly Hughes planes exclusively; the Marauders frequently fly test models and prototypes, and many of the Marauders have endorsed Hughes aircraft in advertisements.

Like their Empire State rivals, the Broadway Bombers, the Metro Marauders have been tagged as dilettantes, not combat pilots. While it is true that all of the Hollywood Knights squadrons and the Marauders in particular spend as much time in photo opportunities and social events as they do in the cockpit, their record of accomplishment is impressive: in early 1937, the Hollywood Knights launched a series of attacks that decimated Los Dos Lobos, a pair of Mexican pirates that had preyed on shipping near San Diego.


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