The Wind Warriors


  • Soloho Salawa

Known Members

  • Omau Umta Salawa

Preferred Aircraft

  • Ravenscroft Coyote
  • Sanderson FB14 Vampire
  • William & Colt Peacemaker 370
  • Fairchild F6II Brigand

Base of Operations

  • Canyon de Chelly Region, Navajo Nation

Uing (pronounced ew-ing), meaning fire, and Sotu, meaning star, together translate as the Starfire Squadron. Little is known about this deadly Navajo air militia squadron. Commanded by Soloho Salawa, a Hopi fighter ace, the Uing Sotu Squadron most often engages pirates and bootleggers operating out of Free Colorado.

The Uing Sotu Squadron is one of the most infamous Native American air militias in the skies. The lead element in the Wind Warriors air militia, the Uing Sotu Squadron is currently spread throughout the Canyon De Chelly area, involved in anti-piracy operations.

Uing Sotu typically operates as an interceptor squadron, breaking off into two-plane elements when entering combat. These Navajo flyers tend to act independently of one another (since the De Chelly region plays havoc with radio communications). Their preferred strategy is to lure or drive enemy forces into the canyons and dispatch them, relying on quick wits, sharp skills and an intimate knowledge of the terrain.


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