Corey Log 5

I got money …..that’s right…. I got money.. and stuff.

that was good thing.

However, we are now in crazy future time place where I am dress like a pirate and we are in what is called the combat zone.


We got here via the portal and there are old crazy people are around. (says the guy in the pirate outfit).

After finding a little girl who claims to know we were coming and that we will help her find her sister, we sleep in a late night diner.

Alot of cool stuff here. There are people with cyber implants. I met a guy with full cyber arm. They call us Nomads because we look like we came from the desert and we are humnan or what did they say that time. oh yes..we are all meat.

we got into a club had fun. Had some good sex and we are getting ready for business dealings.

sounds great.



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