Corey Log 6

Well, I follow the others (Steve, lil John aka Knukles, and Sam) in to a bar so Steve could do business. Man I am off my game. Before I know it, Steve and Sam have spoken with the guy and blew him away. Then I was just dumbfounded, the body of the guy was not moving but instead change into the stuff that looks like the last drop that you have hanging from the tip of your d*ck after you have reach climax. I mean nasty.

I didnt know what to do … i had only heard about these things from the guys when we use to game on friday night. I was so in shock that I didn’t even notice that the other were talking to another man about stuff. I only tune in toward the end when we were leaving and I had to tug at steve to ask him if that was what i thought it was…..he said “Yup”

It was a for real damn Mellor.

There are Mellors in this world…..shit.

ok… i am calm now. (hell no) but its cool

So after they done talking we make our way back to the room where Mama Cas is rent us. Pete was like he needed to get out for a five hours or so. We were fine. Then I heard Mama cas saying something to one of the people. She is a thick girl and I figure she needed some loving. So I do what any real superhero would do. I put on my costume and took her in my arms and went “BlackMan” style on her. “BlackMan” the champion of good loving to women. The next morning she was happy because I serve her justice… just right.

Well, we end up at this club to meet with Ink. While there, some gang came in looking like clockworks orange talking with english accents. I was trying to avoid them but one pointed me out of the crowd ask me to have a drink of milk with them. Then he ask me if I was Druoog or something like that. I ask nicely (this is rare) i dont know what is a druoog. I guess i ask the wrong thing as slowly i was trying to step back and they were pushing me forward knocking my glass out my hand. Steve even try to join and stop …what looks like a fight that I was going to be on the lossing end of. All I could think of was to kill the leader who was talking at all cost. Before things went off a security guard I guess the cooler of the group came down and order them out. Then had us wait a while then we left.

I know that I am not cyber up but I still wanted to hurt that guy bad.

I know I am jumping around my mind gets fussy lately. At one point we were at Mike bar and apparently this is a place where travelers such as ourselves can come to. I saw a guy wearing star trek star fleet uniform who thought I was a different Corey that he knew in Star fleet. He even commented on the fact that I still had the Klingon batleth on my back. I try to fake it off as though I was that Corey but had been through a lot including bumping my head so my memory was bad.

After the guy left Mike gave me good advice that I should let him know that I am not his Corey. I will when I see him again just to make it right to him.

Speaking of mistaken ID. Mike overheard we were going to see a man that parties with the Normads so he ask us to drop some beer there. Well, it turns out that the guy Bill happens to know another version of me. Yet a different Corey… appearently this Corey is already Cyber up and kicks ass oops butt. Well I party with him and the Normad for a while Big John showed up there also and go himself job doing some questionable stuff. I am not sure but he was gone for a few days and just showed with that haunted look on his face. He and Steve talked but I was not messing with John. He is like a bro to me and if he needs his space then I give it to him.

Well there are things to still left to do and I got my ID from Ink. Now we still have to meet up with another man that kind of screwed the first meet with. He will help us with liquidate the gold into movable assets. We went into the area where only the real bad ass are. But we forgot to bring the gold….oops rookie move.

i hope it works out….or else this is my last log



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