Corey's log 10

Well, here we are in Chi-town.

I am have good time at this German beer-fest.

Hey, we made it to this new world via the back of a milk truck. Still not sure about that.

I got to follow the guys around and make it up to Harlem. It is cool to swing dance in 1930s. I am having a good time.

The guys seem to be making the moves that they needed too. I was partying a little too much and lost track of things. The guys said that we need to go to Chicago and meet a man. So they bought tickets on to a zeppelin to Chicago. These were great tickets, like totally first class.

Of course the other passengers were snobby. They didnt know what to make of us. Hey, I was wondering where the party people were. Up there, they were boring.

then it happen. just as I was talking to Lil john and telling him to keep back from the glass floor that we could see thru. We saw something fly by and then something else flew by. it was pirate planes attacking and coming to rob the zeppelin. Well after a brief battle scene and listening to the people make bets on who would win, the captain announced that we were surrendering to them.

Well you know who I travel with…..lol
So we gave each other the eye and head down to were the pirates would be coming on board so we could give them a special welcome.

We work our way down. We manage to get a few them into the plane and tie them up. Then we took their planes and headed out to greet the rest. After a good battle, we were able to scare them off. We did lose the plane that Sam was in. I thought that we were going to lose her as well but then a man size rocket grab her. They said he/she is called the rocketter. He reminded me of the Saturday morning shows…. it was awesome

We won the heart of the people and were invited to a beer-fest among other things.

I met a guy name Silas who realized that I was not from this time or at least the guns I am carrying. He said that he was from a similar time. We bump heads for a moment then I try to smooth things over. we shall see what his story is about.

so for now we drink and party.



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