Knuck’s Log: Welcome to Chicago

“Chicago was a town where nobody could forget how the money was made. It was picked up from floors still slippery with blood.”—Norman Mailer

Well, we took Christina’s gig and headed back to the 1930s. We landed in New York, but it wasn’t the New York I was expecting. It’s an alternate New York in an alternate America where the U.S. has broken up into several independent territories. Since most of the major roads and rail lines got trashed in the ensuing chaos, most travel is done by air.

We booked ourselves passage on a dirigible to Chicago and spent the intervening days eating, drinking and generally enjoying ourselves. I was happy to find out that the place has enough magical juice for Caireanne to make an appearance. She and I headed up to Harlem and actually got to hear Billie Holiday live. How cool is that? While we were enjoying the sights, we met a Nazi officer named Schmitt. He let slip that he was on his way to Chicago to meet up with our old friend Dr. Tempus. When we boarded our zeppelin, he turned out to be one of our fellow passengers.

The zeppelin was like a flying ocean liner, big, luxurious and decadent. Since we had booked ourselves into first class, we enjoyed it immensely. Not too surprisingly though we ran into some sky pirates while en route. They attacked the zeppelin and attempted to board her, but we were having none of that. When they came aboard we captured five of them. I won’t go into all the boring details, but suffice to say that Super Slick is worth every penny I spent on it.

Once the boarders were dealt with, we commandeered their planes for ourselves and went out to meet the attackers. The pilot chip was also worth every penny. We pretty much held our own, but Sam’s plane got hit, and she had to bail out. We were all watching when she tried to deploy her chute, but it didn’t open. I thought she was a goner, but just then, we saw something come shooting out of the bottom of the zeppelin. At first it was hard to tell what it was, but eventually we could make out that it was a man with some kind of jet pack. It was the Rocketeer, just like in the movie. He swooped down and caught Sam in midair.

Shortly after that, the rest of the pirates remembered that they had someplace else to be and took off. Back on the dirigible, we were greeted like heroes. We even got to keep the planes we captured. Even Herr Schmitt said he was proud of us, and when we got to Chicago, he invited us to an Oktoberfest celebration. He seems like a fairly decent sort of guy. I mean except for the whole Nazi thing. I’m thinking about giving him a heads up about not trusting Tempus, first, because he helped us out, and second, and more importantly, because it’s another way to fuck with Tempus.

The guy with the mask we were sent to find turns out to be another air pirate. His base is on his own personal zeppelin. Now all we have to do is find it. While we looked for leads, we informally decided to set up our own little air pirate band. It gives us a chance to build our rep, make some money on the side and hope that we get blown in the right direction.



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