Knucks' Log 2

We call them faerie. We don't believe in them. Our loss. ~Charles de Lint

Apparently, I’m the new ship’s navigator. The Captain got a little cross with the last one and the position opened up. This whole sequence of events happened when we went back to San Pella to have some repairs done on the ship. It was going to take about 2 weeks to get the work done, and we were on liberty until then. Needless to say, a good time was had by all. Also needless to say, we were soon out of money. Fortunately, the quartermaster’s mate offered Big John, Steve and I, along with a couple of other crew members, a job transporting some crates inland. He promised us 2 doubloons and we jumped at the chance.

Well, the crates turned out to be some of the ship’s treasure from the last several missions, and the place we were taking it turned out to be a secret cave hidden behind a waterfall. Once inside the cave, we saw what looked like a scene out of a movie. It was full to the brim with treasure of all types. We also saw some of our gear in the piles of loot. As tempting as it was, none of us was stupid enough to help ourselves. We just carried in the crates and dumped them with the rest.

Once that was done, we had a chance to look around. The cave had 3 tunnels that led off from the main chamber. We were told that one led to the temple, one led to the guardian’s lair and one led to the faery folk. All of that sounded pretty intriguing, but on the first night, a robed figure appeared while we were asleep, a robed figure with a face full of tentacles. I was pretending to be asleep, but I managed to keep a pretty close eye on him. He examined each of us, but other than that didn’t appear to do anything. After he left, I woke Big John and told him what happened. He seemed pretty freaked, but I don’t blame him.

In the morning we were told that we had to pray in the temple, and that anyone who didn’t would die. We prayed. It involved cutting ourselves and smearing the blood on the stone altar. The stone seemed to drink up the blood before our eyes. It was all very creepy, so we got out of there as soon as possible.

We got back, and told Steve, Pete and Corey what happened. When we mentioned to Corey that his bone cross was among the loot, he wanted to retrieve it. He had managed to lift a gold cross while we were looting Martinique, so we asked the Captain if we could trade the gold cross for the bone one. He agreed. Big John decided to press our luck and ask if Steve could be with Sam while we were on leave. I didn’t think the Captain would go for it, but he did.
We returned to the cave, accompanied by Corey, Steve and Sam. They were all suitably gobsmacked when they saw the loot. We exchange the crosses, and then, while Steve and Sam were having some “alone time” we explored the rest of the cave. Big John and I were both curious about the faery folk. He had gotten ahold of some milk, which he left out for them. The milk disappeared but nothing much else happened.

That’s when we decided to go down their hallway. At the end was a room with a labyrinth on the floor. We walked the labyrinth, but only managed to get the faeries to giggle at us. They wouldn’t let us see them. Big John explained that our intentions were good and that we only wanted to see them. That, plus some more milk and a few gold coins convince them to become visible. They were beautiful, like luminescent butterflies. Looking closer, I could see that they were small humans, only a few inches tall, with wings.

They were giggling. We were giggling, and then Mr. Tentacles reappeared. As soon as they saw him, the faeries vanished. When he got closer, we realized that he was a mind flayer. A fight ensued, which since we didn’t want to upset the faeries with steel, we had to fight unarmed. Improbably enough, we were winning and that’s when the faeries reappeared and swarmed him. I don’t know what they did, but when I looked he was gone.

The next day, things got really interesting. We went to the temple again to pay our respects, but while Corey was wiping blood on the altar, he must have triggered something, because the whole altar slid back to reveal a hidden room. This room was full of gold too, but it was older than the stuff in the main chamber. It looked Aztec. In addition to all the gold, there was a leather bound book full of charts and detailed maps. We wrestled with ourselves for a while about whether to tell the Captain about this new horde, or keep mum and save it for ourselves. In the end we decided that the safest path was to turn it over.

When we left the cave, one of the faeries appeared. I guess she wanted to get into the spirit of things, because she was dressed as a pirate. She just flew into my beard, and made herself at home. She’s been with me ever since. Of course, when other people are around, she turns invisible. I’m not sure if this is because she’s shy or just because it makes it easier for her to steal drinks. Either way, I’m happy to have her along. Communicating is a little difficult, but I’ve learned that her name is Caireann.

When we got back, we told the Captain about the extra treasure we found and gave him the book. I thought he’d be happy, but when he found out that Sam had been in the cave, he got angry. Since she wasn’t part of the Brotherhood, her seeing it was verboden. The Captain gave her a choice between joining the Brotherhood, including watching the fishman ritual or dying. She chose to join.

Once that was all done, we found out that the quartermaster’s mate who gave us the transport job was trying to cheat us. We were supposed to get 10 doubloons, not 2. When the Captain found out about that, plus the fact that the quartermaster himself had done a little creative bookkeeping, he had them both killed. The navigator made the mistake of defending them and received the same fate. That’s how I ended up with his job. Sam ended up with the quartermaster’s job, and since the crew would be angry about a woman handling their weapons, Corey was appointed Guardian at Arms. Combine that with Big John’s new job as Master of Sails and it looks like we’re all officers now, all except Pete, but he seems pretty happy as cook.



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