Log 13

“This is the Combat Zone. Bodies kinda happen here.”

We got our loot divided and I managed to pull in a fair share of gold and some silver plated Brass knuckles with religious symbols on each knuckle. I can’t wait to try these on a vampire or werewolf. I gotta assume they exist. Maybe we will meet Moon Nazi Werewolves in the future.

After getting the loot divided we popped the device and went back to Seattle but discovered it was another world. Apparently Knucks failed to set the thing right or that bastard professor lied to us. I am not sure which. When we arrived a kid was waiting and she claimed to be able to see the future and told us we were going to help her find her sister. Now Pete accepted the story without any question which is very odd considering he dosen’t believe in magic and shit. Corey, our resident paranoid fruity-tooty also just went along with the story. So why the hell am I the only one questioning shit.

We did some checking around and discovered we was in Night City. Now the hair on my neck was standing and my bung hole had shrunk to a size.0001. I was frightened by the alien invasion but Night City puts me on paranoid alert. I have gone back into jail house mode and am keeping my eyes open for gang colors and snitches. In my book, snitches get stitches and turned into bitches. I don’t accept no charity because it all has a price. I hope these fools I travel with get that. The gang presence is definately here. I won’t look for trouble but if it comes, I aint backing down. I will take my ass kicking but earn some fucking respect.

Pete managed to secure us a room and then all of the guys went out leaving me and Sam in the room alone. Well we made good use of our time. Again and again and again. Late we slipped out and did a little shopping. Gold spend and the pawn shop hooked us up with some cash. Not much, and I know he scammed us on the price. Still it is good to be in a modern city. I need to find some nomads so I can get some real clothes. Now back in my room I am working on my quick-draw and reminding Sam who’s property she is. Life is good.

ADDENDUM: Later That Night

Sam was nagging me about going out for drinks. So we headed deep into the zone looking at the building, working our way around groups of people, and eventually ended up in a bar, Neon Joe’s, and it is little better than a dive. We saddled up to the bar and I noted about half a dozen Mexican gang bangers in the joint. A few others were drinking quietly. We grabbed a table and ordered some beer.

The beer was not the best. I would actually rate it about the same as Bud and that would be generous. I noticed that nearly everyone in the place was checking me and Sam out. The spics were really checking Sam out and started to get a little loud when the bartender, Joe, ran them out of the joint. Joe told us that the guys were Stomp Street and that they were nothing but loudmouthed trouble. He gave me the usual warnings about Sam getting turned out if she got taken. I paid attention and with the way I feel about Mexicans, I was not feeling too good.

Sam was getting pretty lit and I was getting concerned. I paid the tab and pushed her out onto the street. It was time to go and it was time to get to safety. Darkness had fallen and the streets were alive with activity. We started heading back when I notices those six bangers up ahead in the direction I wanted to go. I guided Sam onto a narrow side street and as we got out of sight from the bangers, I checked my gun. After reholstering the pistol we walked/staggered up the road with me supporting Sam. I heard them before they caught up with us. Foot steps coming fast. I shoved Sam to the right and I spun left drawing my pistol. The baseball bat just missed my head but my shot split the kids face.

Sam hit the ground hard. I heard the air blast out of her lungs as her head hit the curb making a sound like a small caliber gunshot. She didn’t get up. Five guys were walking towards me. I moved between them and Sam. “You got a revolver boy, not enough ammo for all of us” the big one said as they closed and formed a semi circle around me. I noted two of them had pistols and one an smg. I shot him first. All hell broke lose. I vaguely remember hearing the pop pop pop of guns shots before I was out of ammo and two still on me. The were swinging machetes and I dropped the pistol as I dodged. Slipping my hand in my pocket I felt the cold metal of the brass knuckles and came out swinging. One of the blades glanced off my left shoulder and I felt warm blood run down my back. I turned to run, took three steps, and blindly spun a wild punch behind me. I caught one of the kids in the side of his head and felt the bone crush as I was sprayed with his blood. The last one went for the smg on the ground and I pummeled the back of his skull until he stopped moving.

I recovered my pistol and searched them for cash. Not much. Then I grabbed Sam and threw her over my shoulder and headed back to the room. No more trouble. Sam awoke a few blocks later and we made it back. I am sore as shit but alive.



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