Blix's Log: Temple of the Spider God Pt 2

What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Okay, where was I? What’s that? This… Meh, just a flesh wound. Let’s see, spiders, hmm… right.

So, we finished wiping out the first group of nuts and pulled our shit together. Steve dressed up as one of the guards to scout ahead and we decided to move out. I have to admit, the rest of this tale will be a little vague and a bit off. I was badly poisoned you see and the adrenalin was wearing off. Consequently, so was my energy and ability to focus. At some point Christine also faded away to parts unknown.

Anyway, we headed upstairs and I’m not exactly sure when or how it started but the fight was back on. Idra and I were mostly separated from the group when we realized it so we started towards the fighting when we ran into a couple priest warriors. We fought and took them out and as we turned two black robed guys came down the stairs from an upper level. They started with the magic. I was able to thwart one of them but the other hit Idra with a shrinking spell. I killed them both but Idra shrank away to nothing.

In the meantime, the team cleared out the second level and we headed up. Upstairs it only got worse. As Steve moved down past a tapestry a huge fucking spider leapt out of it. About the same time, another wizard and some Elric looking mother fucker came at us. We won but it was close and John B was hit with the same shrinking spell. We believe him to be lost as well. Son of a bitch!

As the team searched the chamber on the top level I collapsed into a deep sleep. I had a vision of Idra and of John as they slipped away into another dimension. It seemed so real; yet very surreal. When I awoke, the team was in another room screaming. I was oddly calm and fully refreshed. I looked down and realized that what I had thought was water had actually been some sort of golden fluid. Only a drop left in the goblet but it must have been some sort of healing elixir.

Anyway, the guys came out all chewed up but they had the book and we decided to head out. While I would have liked to help Ugly Stick, it wasn’t in the cards. Poor thing, I just hope she died quickly.

After that, we found our way out and headed to the ruins to give that dude his book. When we got there he helped us across and we gave him his book. That night we decided that he had fucked us by taking two of our artifacts; the ring and the stone. That and he’d basically coerced us into service along with most of his men. We decided it was time for a little payback.

We killed him and a bunch of his people only to find out that he didn’t have our stuff. We may have made a mistake; one that I will have to live with. But, fuck it, he was an asshole, I’ll get over it.

So here we are, in the dessert ruins with no real plan. I guess we’ll head deeper into the desert to find our buried treasure. Or die a dry and hot death trying.



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