Pete's Log: R&R

Club Inferno was a blast. Dangerous as shit but I really think we came out ahead. We supposedly gained some abilities but I haven’t really noticed it. However, that could be because I was given a potion of youth and have shed 20 years off my age. I feel awesome and I look like a million bucks baby. That and I now have millions in three worlds.

So how did all of that come about? Wish I could say but one of the conditions of the Inferno is what happens there stays there. And I’m quite convinced with what I saw there that this is no idle threat, so you’ll excuse me if I keep it to myself. I will say this, while I generally find a rational explanation for everything, that place has pushed me to the limit of this.

Anyway, we decided to go back to Crimson Skies as we’re calling it to chill and enjoy our new found youth. After Hyboria, I have no desire to kill anyone soon. As we arrived back we realized something had gone terribly wrong. Our bodies lie there dead. So I don’t know where the body I’m in came from and I really don’t care but it does mean all of my cyberware is gone. And in all honesty, I’m glad. I had way too much of that garbage in me.

So, we got back and the one thing Carter got right was our stay was only 12 hours in this world. So we jumped on the Zep and headed for Hawaii. Prior to take off I purchased a few books on Napoleon, Su Tsu, and Genges Kahn. I also bought a banjo and some books on how to play.

During the journey I kept myself very busy. Vacation is nice but aboard a zeppelin you can get board quite easily. I spent time learning how to fly a plane and a zep, more on how to fix both, and I spent a good chunk of time learning to play the banjo.

When we arrived at Hawaii I spent more time relaxing. I also kept my flying lessons up but I got back into sparring with the fellas and crew. I also surfed with John, spent some time learning how to drive a boat, and got myself a ukulele. On the weekends I headed out into the jungle to do a little extreme camping. Man what sights I saw during those times. Under the stars by the firelight eating roast pig playing my ukulele. Some nights I was alone and that was really cool. One time a couple of the fellas braved it with me. I even convinced Christine to join me once but it’s not exactly her thing.

I came back this last time and the fellas told me about some Nazi thing they got into. Glad I wasn’t there, I don’t know if I’m ready to start slaughtering people again. Even though I know it’s inevitable. I think I wan to start being the good guy from here on out. Murdering people for money isn’t really in my thoughts anymore. Being young again and rich kind of resets your perspective. I think the dink invasion fucked us all up a little and I want to get back to the pre-dink me. Although I am going to go back one day and give those fuckers some payback for killing my daughter. I have made my peace with that in many ways but I feel a hatred for them and I want to focus my anger into some good old fashion revenge. There’s nothing I would like more than to be transported into their mother ship and be able to transform into the Hulk and fucking smash, smash, smash until there was no smashing left to be had.

Anyway, we’re getting ready to head out to Cyberpunk so the guys can get their shit re-installed. I’m going to get some stuff but I’m going to skip Doc Brown’s and go for high end low impact stuff and gen-mods at some location Christine said is “cleaner”.



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