Professor's Log: Lost

“Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them.”
George Eliot

John is gone and likely dead. When we were fighting in the temple, one of the wizards hit him and Idra with a spell that made them shrink down to nothing. I’m holding out some small hope that there might be a chance to get him back, but I know I’m probably kidding myself. Maybe if we went back to the Car Wars world they might still have some of his DNA on file and we could clone him, but it wouldn’t be the same as having him truly back.

Not that it matters, but we recovered the book that Jatesh sent us for. When we caught up with him in the abandoned city on the Styx. I gave him the book, but then I just snapped. He sent us on a suicide mission, and it led directly to the death of one of my closest friends. I was already mad about him stealing Balor’s ring and stone, and so it was the last straw. Steve and I went to his tent and killed him. We also killed a few of his men, but most of the others fled into the desert. I said earlier that this land was turning me into a savage.

Now we are stuck in Stygia with nowhere to go and no way to complete our mission. I’m at a loss.


I still have seen no evidence that he stole the stone and ring. I wish we would have investigated a little before committing murder but it is what it is.

Professor's Log: Lost