Steve's Log 14

“We’re this big melting pot, but someone turned up the heat too high, and the stew started to burn. Gangs, crime, fights, and fear are now a regular part of our local stew.”
Neal Shusterman, Red Rider’s Hood

The exploration of Night City is making me desire to stay in this place. It has everything I love about the Gibson novels and so much more. Sam is chomping at the bit to get out in the country and go riding so we will have to do that in the near future. After dealing with a bunch of losers in the zone we got out to the main city. There we encountered the man in the trench-coat again. Three worlds and he is still following us and trying to get out travel device. I remembered that the last time we met, that he said we would die if we didn’t give up the device. Sure he offered money but it wasn’t nearly enough. I assumed he had back up this time as he did is Seattle but I couldn’t take the chance that he was going to off us. I had to act. In the middle of negotiations I drew and fired my .357 magnum nailing him in the center of the chest. He staggered and turned to run. I fired again as I heard Sam open up with her SMG. This time I hit him center back and saw the bullet splat off of armor. By this point Knucks had gotten a gun out and started shooting as well. I would say the man made it two or three paces before I raised the gun for the third shot and I planted it in the back of his skull. His head exploded and he went down like a bag of dirty laundry. We moved in quickly to search him and discovered that he was dissolving into a puddle of white goo. I poked through the sickly sweet smelling goo and found three fringe crystals.

I Am assuming you know what the goo means? No? Well it means the fucker was a Mellor. Mellors are bad. They are the destroyers of worlds. They can take the form of anyone they eat and they even get the memories. I am a little more than terrified at the implications. My only real regret is that he didn’t fight back. I suspect that means something but I am not 100% certain of what.

Following this encounter Smiley showed up. Remember that ring I stole from the priest for Masters back on our home world? Well while I was in a bar someone hit me in the back of my head with a crumpled ball of paper. Inside was instructions for this meet and the ring. I was wearing it as we started to talk to Smiley. Smiley told us all kind s of stuff like the fact that he could make us fringeworthy, he had a TARDIS, and more. He even offered to trade out device for his TARDIS. Something I think we should consider. Lastly he hooked us up with a nomad named Bill who could help us on our quest for cyber.

We had some other adventures around town after that. Made a deal to go get a death mask for Christina, got into a scrap with the Kubricks, and even paid a visit to the Afterlife. As a final success we traded out our gold for money. We got alot more than the guys thought we would but less than I had hoped. Still we are well off.

You know that incident with the Kubricks deserves some attention. These guys, about 40 of them, roll into the club we were in. The whole place starts clearing out. Corey, Knucks, and me are too stupid to roll. I am caught up staring at one of them, a chick that looks just like cute and sexy little Jo, my first love. I failed to notice that Corey got caught up being taunted and was quickly digging himself in deep. I spoke loudly and tried to extricate us but then they closed in and blocked Corey. Me and Knucks were by the door and I saw violence was coming. I knew it was foolish but I spoke up without thinking and challenged their leader. Before violence could ensue, the bar security asked the Kubricks to leave. Now I have to watch out for another gang. What sucks is this gang had style and I could see hooking up with them.

Recognizing that with money I could buy what I needed I decided to slip away from the group to pay a visit to the local museum. There I donated my Triple Linked, meteorite chain mail and Rapier. The proprietor, a Dr Higgins seemed very excited. He wanted to know so much but I just left the stuff with him and told him to list is it as a donation from the Peoples of Baltimore.

Now me an Sam are taking our time to shop for cyber and bioware and fashionable clothes and some other gear. Maybe we should seek out an apartment and stop living in hotels. I am a little irate that Sam had to have an abortion and didn’t even tell me she was knocked up. Perhaps it was Old Man Marsh’s and a product of rape but still, I should have known. I think if I see Marsh again I will be forced to challenge him as per the Brotherhood rules. I took the oath so I wont just shoot him in the back but I really want to.

On another note we got this kid who wants help finding her sister but we don’t even know how to look. Maybe we can use some of this hard earned money to hire someone to find where she is for us.



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