Steve's Log 18

Zoe: “First rule of battle, little one … don’t ever let them know where you are.”
Zoe: “‘Course, there’re other schools of thought.”
MAL: Ha! That was bracing. They don’t like it when you shoot at them. I worked that out myself.

And we are off to another world. This time it is a world of pulp action set in the late 1930’s. To say that I feel like I have come home is an understatement. This is one of the most interesting and fun places I have yet to encounter. The world is a historical alternate in which the plane, not the car, became the main mode of transportation. On top of that America has collapsed and is broken into many smaller nations. With the Nazi’s on the rise and the British Empire taking power where they can get it, I can only imagine what world war two will look like. I hope we stick around to experience it.

Now lets see. We came here to do a job for The Thief (Christine) . She is going up against The Smiling Man (Smiley), in a competition of sorts. She is looking for a death mask. Not just any death mask but the Death Mask of Skelos. Now if you know you Robert Howard, you will recognize the seriousness of this thing she seeks. Smiley want to hire us to steal an ankh but apparently Randolf Carter wants it too and The Thief wants us to do the job for him after we do her job.

Now you may be wondering why I am listed Christina as The Thief with a capital T. Well the answer is simple. I still believe that prime travelers like us are archetypes of some sort and all travelers that are not mooks would be, well who give a crap about mooks. Since we are Prime travelers we soon will have names of the same type. Maybe we already do but don’t realize it. With The Professor, The Doctor, The Master, and so many others out there I can only imagine that the big game is well beyond my comprehension. With them wanting a death mask and an ankh, I wonder what they are vying for. Is it a power play, a spell, or an actual contest. We really need to find a way of asking questions in a manner that the answerer doesn’t treat us like shit. I am so fucking tired of people acting superior to me because they know something I don’t.

I guess I should get to the story. We arrived in New York and hopped a Zeppelin to Chicago. Prior to the flight we met a Nazi SS officer named Schmitt. I liked the guy. He was a soldier. A true soldier. A man who demonstrated a sense of national pride combined with military discipline. Under other circumstances I could see being good friends with this Nazi but I know war is coming and someday soon he will be probably be an enemy. Especially considering we have killed alot of Nazis but they were all Nazi travelers and I don’t get the impression that Schmitt is a Traveler.

When we got on the Zep we discovered Schmitt was going to Chicago to meet with a Doctor Tempus. Could it be the same one? When he was through talking with us he headed to his cabin and dropped a photo. Knucks went over and picked it up and showed us the pic. A man I didn’t know but Knucks claimed it was a mathematician named Turing. The very same Turing that broke the Nazi code during WWII. I wonder what Schmitt’s interest is in Turing. My mind races with possibilities. Schmitt is meeting with a Physicist and carrying a photo of a mathematician. Could he be working on some kind of traveling system like out Device?

During the flight to Chicago the zep got attacked by air pirates. The captain surrendered but we decided not to give up. We snuck down to the hanger and met the pirates as they came aboard and subdued them. Then I used my voice synthesizer to mimic the voice of one of them and worked a ruse on their boss. We used the internal comms to talk to the Captain of the zep and worked out a plan of counter attack. The plan went into motion and the next thing I know we are going to war with the pirates. Our sneak attack took them off guard and we kicked their ass but not before Sam got shot down. I saw her jump and in horror watched her fall towards the ground. I shot down two planes and turned to see her chute open but it never did. Then some idiot fired a rocket at her and hit her. Then the rocket flew off at the zep and hit the zep. Then the rocket flew at me and as it nearly hit me I saw it was The Rocketman. I can not explain the relief I felt.

Back on board we collected out rewards for taking out the pirates and the crew and passengers treated me and Sam like heroes. I guess the rest of the guys were treated well too but I never noticed. All I could see was Sam and all I could think of was the fear of losing her.

When we got to Chicago we talked the captain into letting us keep the pirate planes. We then went on the town with Schmitt. He took us to some German club where we were well fed, well treated, and given more beer than one can desire. I really enjoyed the busty German lass who took me dancing. I can’t wait to see what joys Chicago will have for us. Tomorrow is another day.



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