Steve's Log 21

Ibn Fadlan: Have we anything resembling a plan?
Herger the Joyous: Mm-hm. Ride till we find them… and kill them all.
~The 13th Warrior

We got Sam back. The solution was a simple matter of hiring Nicky to summon a demon to go snatch her from the frakers who had her. He of course wanted something in return but it was a simple delivery job. After getting Sam back we went to thank Nicky and Sam whipped out her pistol and put a bullet right between his eyes. Me and John took out the goons while Sam unloaded the gun into Nicky’s body. I don’t know what happened to her but she has changed. She is reckless and dangerous now and I am not sure if I should get in the way or ride the storm to its fiery conclusion.

From there we headed to Providence and delivered some cigars to one Randolph Carter. Several more stops as we worked our way north and then across the Atlantic and we found ourselves in Romania. The Drachensgrab Mountains are a foreboding place and I couldn’t help but think of vampires and werewolves. It didn’t help that we were traveling to Barovia. Yeah that’s right, Barovia, home of Straud Von Zarovich.

As we got into town we picked up a mayday from a dame and went to help her fight off four Nazi fighters. I took down two myself. That makes five total so I guess I am now an Ace. Pretty fraking cool. Sam got one and the dame we went to rescue downed the last one. After the fight a zep showed up and invited us onboard. They thanked us for saving their girl and after some talk we agreed to team up with them on the castle raid. They were here for gold and we were here for the device and a little gold would be nice too.

Castle Wolfenstein

The raid went smoothly if not as perfectly as we had hoped. John who now is being called Monkey, and me took out three machine gun nests. Then Monkey climbed the wall and opened the gate. Once inside we split into two groups. My group consisted of Sam, Blackjack, and The Professor. We made quick work of the two guards at the main building and entered to find a party underway. We moved in the shadows and made our way high in the castle before we found a laboratory. The Professor popped a hard on and ran into the lab only to discover a Nazi super soldier. Have you ever seen Hellboy? Well the wind up nazi was waiting for The Professor and cut him down like he was little more than a sack of potatoes. I drew my guns and before I could get them up the fraker was on me swinging those blades of death. I didn’t think I just shoved and he staggered back. Then I let him have it. He staggered and seemed to rise in the air like unseen hands had him and then Sam unloaded a Schmeisser into him. When he stopped moving he floated in the air. I was very freaked out as I chopped off his arms and threw them across the room.

I then looked the dude over and saw he had sand for blood. I remembered and old Arab trick for wound care and gathered sand and a torch and went to The Professor. He tried to stop me but I poured the sand into his wounds and then cauterized them with fire and Arabic prayers to Nyalarthotep. It worked. The Professor was up on his feet in a matter of minutes. I finished off with a can of spray-skin. It was then we saw the hands crawling across the floor. I froze in terror and The Professor grabbed and ax and went to town on that dead nazi abomination.

We searched the place and found a safe which I busted into quickly. Inside were some blue vials of liquid, some scientific papers, and the Tempus Devise. We scored gold and we were pleased as we made our way out of the castle. I had to kneecap a nazi related to Richthofen but beyond that all went smooth. We even kidnapped his girl but later let her go. The Professor kept whining about the other team and worrying about their safety. My main concern was to get out of dodge and then when the smoke cleared we could look of the others if they hadn’t showed up.

We made our way to Hamburg and there with met with Schmitt and turned over the device. He gave us the deed to a zeppelin and now we need to raise a crew. Things are looking up for the Brotherhood of the Sky. Now we have to wait a bit to see if Monkey and Madcat show up. If not, we might be heading back to that castle to rescue them.



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