Steve's Log 22

“They vilify us, the scoundrels do, when there is only this difference; they rob the poor under the cover of law, forsooth, and we plunder the rich under the protection of our own courage; had ye not better make one of us, than sneak after the arses of those villains for employment?”
― Samuel Bellamy

After acquiring our zeppelin, The Praxis, I took up the responsibility of getting a crew. I had to go to alot of pubs and spend a fair amount on beer before I found our ship’s captain. Captain Nimitz is a one eyed woman of striking beauty who has known her share of warfare and conflict. She accepted my offer and was the first to join the crew. Soon, with her help, we had about thirty men hired, the zeppelin painted in Brotherhood colors, and our machines loaded. Unfortunately I got very bored waiting for all of the minutia to be completed. As such I talked Sam into doing a little burglary.

Captain Nimitz

Sam checked around and found a nice rich villa on the outskirts of Hamburg. Apparently the place was owned by some powerful Nazi. We beat up a Nazi soldier who was rather large and stole his uniform. Now in a sergeants uniform I was ready to go but Sam wanted to come too. Getting her a uniform took a little longer. I am not sure why she shot the Nazi Captain in the face after taking the uniform but I suspect it had to do with her looks.

The uniforms got us up to the gates of the villa where the gate guards stopped us. Sam demanded entrance but met resistance. Moments later we were dragging the dead guards into the guard shack. We grabbed up their smg’s and went in. All in all I think we must have killed close to fifty Nazis by the time we were done. It was pretty fun and I think we might have to start doing stuff like this more often.

Back at the Zep I told Captain Nimitz to take us to Chicago. Several days later we got a mayday and went to investigate. There we watched a Moroccan zeppelin burn and explode. Out of the fireball came a racer which we later discovered was Scrappy. Fate is such a wild thing. With Scrappy aboard we changed course to Cairo. Scrappy had a telegram from Cat pulling us in that direction. Nimitz looked irritated at the change of course. During the trip I tried to hang on the bridge alot. I wanted to learn the inner workings of this air ship and Nimitz seemed friendly enough towards me. She shared much.

In Cairo we ran into Monkey and Cat and even Christine who gave us a tour of the many ruins in the area. Then we departed for Chicago. En-route Christine offered a faster means of travel. We took her up on the offer and moments later found ourselves in Denver. The mile High city is known for pirates and we figured this was the place to catch Khan and steal the death mask. Sam offered to try and seduce Khan and I said she should. She worked her magic and two hours later called on the radio and said to come get her. She had the mask and a bit more.

Now while all of this was happening Scrappy went off with some red headed vixen only to get his balls tazered. On top of that he got captured and we had to go rescue him. Sam, who had been shot by Khan, and I went to the rescue. We kicked in the door and took in the scene. Scrappy, naked and tied to a chair. The red head with a a big gun pointed at him and a tazer in her her hand. As I raised my pistol to shoot the cunt, Scrappy screamed, “Don’t shoot!” I had a fraction of a second to decide. Was he talking to me or her. I saw only one course of action. I pulled a Lone Ranger and shot the pistol out of her hand. She surrendered and we saved Scrappy. Turns out she worked for some corporation and wanted to hire us. I couldn’t help but think, “this is one hell of a way to recruit people, just strap them to a chair and torture them until they join.” In the end we let her go against my better judgement. Even Sam was saying we should shoot the bitch.

We then headed off to find Christine and finish the job she had hired us for. After giving the mask to Christine we headed off to Rhode Island. I put in a call to the Praxis to change course and meet us there. Christine took us to Randolf Carter’s place and he explained his job offer. We accepted. The job was only going to take a day. Now I have a feeling it will only take a day there but for us will take alot longer. Time travel is a bitch. And traveling naked in Hyborea is just insane.



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