Steve's Log 23

“The time has arrived when patience becomes a crime and mayhem appears garbed in a manner of virtue” *
*~Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan of the Apes

Randolf Carter wanted us to assist him for a night. A night that looks to be turning into much more than we bargained for. His spell of transport has stranded us in a time before time. Hyborea, the same Hyborea that Howard wrote about. I can’t decide if I want to rejoice and celebrate my good fortune or curse Carter for the danger he has created for me. The spell that brought us here left us without clothes, weapons, and even stripped away our cybernetics and bioware.

I was stranded with Pete and the others were scattered to the winds. Eventually we hooked up with a caravan and discovered Sam, Cat, and Corey where all slaves. Seeing as we had little choice we chose to join forces with the merchant rather than to oppose him. The slaves were all fair game for being used by the guards and I hope that Sam remains strong. She has been raped before, and her experience as a prisoner of Captain March should have prepared her for the brutality of the situation she now is in. Later in a small village the caravan master bought John from another slaver.

The merchant recognized my passions and I was designated to riding with a couple of men, far from the caravan itself. During this time my experience with horses came back to me and I couldn’t help but be thankful to Sam’s tutelage during the days of war with the Dinks. I befriended Uka and Ox, the two men I rode with most days. They taught me how to use the spear from horseback and we spent many hours gambling. They played a game of dice which was easy enough to learn and my luck held out long enough for me to make a few coins. When we ran into bandits we killed them without mercy and I think a few of those we called bandits may have been simple travelers who got snagged in our net.

When we reached Shadizar, the caravan was allowed to set up in the Caravan quarter of the city. The Merchant quarter was to the North of us and we had to play the guards as our friends were put up for auction. I took my pay and gave it to Pete so that he could use it to buy back our friends. I kept back the extra money I had won from Uka and Ox and used it to buy them ale in the marketplace. They told me if ever I found my fortune, they would sell their blades into my service. I will take them up on that offer when I come into money.

Pete bought back those he could (I hardly followed the exchange as all I could think about was Sam). She was sold to a wealthy man for a large sum of silver. I am like a hammer. I am blunt and too the point. I do not tend to play the man of guile but in this land the hammer approach will get me killed. I played the assassin, the sneak thief, the shadow. I followed Sam’s new owner and his dozen men to the North East section of the city, not far from the castle and the Gate of Three Swords. I watched for some time and when night came I made my way through the shadows to examine the defenses of the place. I can tell this place is guarded by real soldiers. Men who are far more skilled with swords, than my friends or myself. We will need a plan. Now I must get back to the Caravan Quarter and find my friends. I hope they were able to buy back John as I will need him for this. He is the best damned climber I know and the place has high walls.



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