Steve's Log 24

The world needs dinosaurs, without them we wouldn’t have fossil fuels, or hilarious exhibits in creationist museums, and in this day and age of metrosexual wimps, The tough hard drinking , racist, misogynistic, heavy smoking, anger junky takes us back to a better time.
NTSF:SD:SUV Unfrozen Agent Man

I love exploring new worlds and hate it at the same time. The good is the amazing diversity of it all. The bad is the lack of knowledge I possess on what to do and how to act. This world is one I am familiar with. I grew up on Savage Sword of Conan and Robert Howard. I know this world like a second home. The violence of this place seems natural. The fact that there are no metrosexual people is perfection. Women understand what it is to be a woman and men are free to be men. Few places in all of the universes can offer me this kind of perfection.

I convinced the guys that rescuing Sam should be our first course of action. We broke into the rich man’s house, he turned out to be a sorcerer, and we discovered that Sam had been given to a caravan to be taken to the city of Arenjun. I remembered the name but couldn’t place the story. Pete had made arrangements with the caravan master wherein we would be guards on his next tangent of his travels which just happened to be Arenjun.

We got back to the business of finding John and Cat. We had two days which was very little time. After some research we found that Cat had been taken ahead to the Tower of Yara to be sacrificed. John had escaped the pits. We hired a crier and sent him through the city and a few hours later John showed up at our door. We tried the trick again for Christine and Randolf and it worked in part. Randolf showed up as well.

Finally we took to the road. Well armed and well equiped we were ready for anything. Anything that is except the discovery that Sam was part of our cargo. I tried to buy her back and was told 10 gold. I begged and borrowed from my friends and the price went to 15. Randolf put up the money and with the negotiation skills of the Professor, we got her back.

When we made it to Arenjun we began to research the Tower of Yara. The place is also known as The Tower of the Elephant. Nostalgia overhwelms me as I think about it. We worked out a plan. Then did some more research and Pete found us a man who knew the tower. He offered us a deal. We go steal some stygian poison from a caravan and in exchange we get to keep half the poison and he will tell us its secrets.

We checked the place out where the caravan wagon had set camp. A few guards but the wagon also has a monster inside as a guardian. We suspect a snake or perhaps worse. After some deliberation on the matter we decided to hire mercenaries. We went to the men we had traveled with. The very guards who worked for the caravan we had come to town with. John put up 50 gold to pay 20 men for less than an hour’s work. All in all they are getting a deal. I will lead the men, The Professor and Corey will take the wagon and monster. Pete will work his bow and John will do what he does best. This should be a piece of cake but knowing how things have worked in the past, I suspect we may have bitten off more than we expect.



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