Steve's Log 29

The most merciful thing in the world… is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.
~H. P. Lovecraft

We are rich. So filthy rich that we have left millions of gold and silver coins behind for some other fools to discover. In time I imagine a number of battles will be fought over what we tossed aside.

After a couple of day of recovery and partying we realized food and water supplies were short. We decided to head for an oasis that was three or four days away. Unfortunately we barely had enough to make it. The added weight of gold and riches was slowing our progress and it was beginning to look like our greed was going to be our death. We made it but barely.

Upon our arrival we found black robed men attacking a caravan. After a quick discussion we decided to aid the merchants. I kicked my horse into motion and charged. The first man I met lost his head as he turned to face me. My new meat cleaver sword is heavy and unbalanced. It nearly pulled me off of the horse as it severed the man’s head. I turned to see Idra take down the man next to me. We both turned our blades towards the leader of the attackers. His shield shattered under Idra’s vicious attack and my cleaver came down on his shoulder. He spurred his horse and I gave chase. My horse was too tired to catch him but then an arrow flew past my head and took the mad in the throat. He fell and spasmed and gurgled until he died. I cut off his head and returned to the oasis.

Our welcome into the camp was full of revelry and we shared tales with the wanderers of the desert that were camped there. The leader of the encampment, I hardly remember his name, asked if we would escort four women to the ruins of Khet. Since we were going there ourselves we agreed. The ladies were Lady Satira, a swordswoman named Zari, and two slaves called Girlwon and Girltoo. After resting and taking in supplies for the journey we headed south into the dessert.

We discussed the problem of getting home. With Kat dead and Christine missing, things look bleak. Carter offered to use his magic to help us find Christine. I went with him, alone into the dessert for two days. There we summoned the Serpent People of Valusia and spoke with them. The spells of binding should have kept them in their circles but one seemed to read my mind. I was thinking about killing one and eating it. Snake tastes good and these creatures looked to pack on 200+ pounds of meat. Vrok or Grok or something like that, looked at me and said, “Our flesh is not as tasty as ape.” I started laughing at the joke realizing he was serious. He stepped towards me out of the circle and prepared his weapon for combat. I prepared the Ebon Staff of Set. Eventually we talked. He told me the shield I carried belonged to King Thanos and he asked me if I would carry on that king’s legacy. A legacy of death and friend to the Serpent People. He told me the bugs in the north would serve me well and help me to raise and army. He told me that his people do not serve apes but I had “a sense of scales” about me and would be welcomed by his people if I ever chose to follow.

We spoke of much and I could feel purpose forming in my heart. An army behind me as I conquered worlds. Now that would be an awesomeness I can hardly describe. Carter eventually got the info he was seeking and we headed back. Carter was full of questions but I only gave some of the answers he was seeking. My desires and goals are not his and it is best I keep my own council on these matters. I now carry the Ebon Staff of Set and the Shield of Thanos. In time I will build my arsenal to include many other artifacts and my power will grow. Men will serve me, flee me, or die before me. I can see the future now and I like what I see. Will my friends understand and stick by me as my destiny unfolds? I pray they do for they are very dear to me and losing them would be a sadness I do not wish to endure. Perhaps with the Book of the Death I can learn to raise the dead back to life. I will have to watch Carter closely for in the end I suspect I will have to kill him. I should perhaps stop with all of this daydreaming. The more important task at hand is getting the things we came for including Christine. I truly enjoy picking at Pete with threats of harm towards her. I really have no ill will towards Christine other than a desire to show her up. Still the fun of acting like I am angry at her all the time is too much to pass up.

Throughout our travels I was forced to discipline Sam and Duralia more and more often. They must understand they are nothing more than beloved property. They must learn to obey and if that takes more liberal use of the whip then the whip shall become very familiar with their flesh. Duralia pines for knowledge and I shall take her on my journey as my student and partner but only so long as she understands her place. She is a slave and nothing more. Sam on the other hand is the love of my life and this gives her power over me. I must teach her that power is never to be used against me. Of course these actions must be taken in the privacy of my tent. The others do not seem to understand what I try. The professor is appalled by slavery and we as a group are men of the 20th century. I feel that I am becoming a man of Hyboria. I am shedding my 20th century weaknesses daily and soon I will never be able to go back to being that civilized weak creature that I was. I see the others changing as well but I wonder if they change as much as me. Only time will tell.

At one point during the journey I was awakened by screams. Someone had slain the white haired witch and mounted her head on Corey’s war spear. In her mouth was a map. Decapatore’ identified it as a map to the Seventh Sea. I took the map as I had the compass that seems to be it’s companion. What this means is anyone’s guess. I find it strange that the girl who identified the map has a name associated with the taking of heads and the map was found int he mouth a a head. What happened to the body is unknown to me. I worry about what this will mean. If the white haired witch was indeed a goddess as she claimed, then will a curse befall us or perhaps Corey?.

Eventually after some strangeness along the way, we made the river Styx and we could see Khet on the far shore. Now we have only to enter the ruin, plunder it’s secrets, and try not to turn on each other. I suspect our lady friends seek the same treasures we do and if so, I expect nothing less than blood shed. I look forward to seeing John and Zari battling each other. Both use two swords and the battle would be spectacular to behold. Like I said, stop dreaming and get to our purpose. My blade is sharp and I am ready for damned near anything this Stygian hell is going to throw at us.


Love the huge riches slowing you down! Great to be able to comment and participate again!

Steve's Log 29

great to see you in our humble abode once again. I have missed you comments.

Steve's Log 29

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