Steve's Log 33.

“We’d stared into the face of Death, and Death blinked first. You’d think that would make us feel brave and invincible. It didn’t.”
~Rick Yancey, The 5th Wave

I think it has been six months since last I wrote anything in this stupid journal. I have not felt the need to continue my writing but Sam keep at me and so here I am writing this shit down again. What have I been up to is what the book is asking me. I suppose a whole lot of nothing. I gave Christine the Matrix without ever having tried it out. I have reservations about the deal I made but I trust Pete and Pete trusts her, so I will have to place my trust in her too. I have managed to let go of the anger I had towards her. I suppose seeing her in the dread tower suffering as she had was enough to wash away my resentment.

Corey and The Professor went off to Night City to get their cybernetics installed. Since I am studying magic, I suspect that cyber may prove to be a determent to my studies. As such I decided to travel with Christine to what she calls the NWO world. I would call the place Anime World. We used The Endless Stair Case to travel there and it reminded me of the Ways from the Wheel of Time series. It was different but somehow the same. I am pleased to know of five ways of inter-dimensional travel now. That is pretty fucking good.

In NWO I took up John on his offer to buy me some upgrades. I think I may have gone a bot overboard on cost but John had the funds and was willing to spend them. I am unsure if I am even human any more. I am tougher, stronger, faster, and more resilient to disease and toxins. I can go for days without food or water and I can survive under water to depths that should kills me. I am very pleased with the upgrades and the fact that for the most part they were biological in nature. I also got my Tesla blades reinstalled and they hooked me up with a new organ that can generate electricity. Pretty fucking cool.

We had a long wait before The Professor and Corey would be done with recovery. Almost six months. As such we headed back to Hawaii and I used my vast wealth to rebuild the Red Skull’s base and turn it into a base for The Brotherhood. I invested money into upgrading the sea port facility, the air port, and with helping the natives who were subjugated by Hydra. I opened a bar on the island as well and have tasked our Zep with journeys to various nations to bring us the most exotic alcohols that they can find. I put moneys towards hiring crew to work the facilities and perhaps in time we will turn the island into a modern Tortuga.

Finally it was time to go back to Night City. With the gang back together we decided to go and follow up on information that John had acquired about Stephanie’s sister. This meant a jump to another world. I convinced the guys to let me program the device. Christine was right, it was easy, or at least that is what I thought. When we ended up in the wrong world we also ended up in a fight with Russians. We came to the aide of UN forces somewhere in Poland. It was pretty cool when we discovered that it was a young Lt Fokker we assisted as he searched for Captain Henry Gloval. I gave him some otherworldly insight and hope it leads to the events I remembered from the Robotech saga. If not, well it was worth the try.

Onto the next world we found ourselves in a frozen hell. I was prepared but the rest of the group was not. While they suffered the horrors of the cold I tried to keep them alive. We nearly lost Sam. Eventually we found our way to a mall buried under the frozen landscape. Inside we were met with horrors. Blue glowing zombies and a pissed off George Fisher. George was a childhood friend on my world but in this one he was trying to kill us. He died badly and we escaped only to find a transmat system that took us to a space station. There we found everyone dead but the station was not deserted. No it had three facehuggers on board. We killed on and fled.

Who knows where we are now. I can only hope that soon we find the Necropolis or Noctropolis or Bone Yard or whatever the fucking name of the place is. Sometimes I want to kick John in the nads.



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