Steve's Log 46

Even if we are trained to die, we have got to believe that we’re going to live.
~Space Above and Beyond; Capt. Shane Vansen

We arrived at the Orkneys and were welcomed as guests of King Lot and Queen Margause. I politely declined the invitation to stay in the castle and instead set up my pavilion along with the many other knights in attendance. I am not sure how we got invited to a party in Thor’s tent but it was pretty awesome. They had a huge drinking contest, which I entered but I got bored early on and left to take a piss. This of course, got me disqualified from the contest. Later I heard that Pete came in second only to Brunhilda.

Later we attended the duals where I trounced Mordred and then Aggravaine and even Gareth. Finally my time had come to face Gawaine and the sun was high in the sky. My Fringe Metal shield held up to his blows but my arm did not. I eventually had to concede the battle. My injuries were such that I dreaded the jousting event but still I participated. I made it to the semi-finals where I had to face Aggravaine and lost. Pete then went to the finals and destroyed Aggravaine with a lance through his jaw.

When we made the grand melee, I got to take command. I did well for my men and Pete stepped up to offer much assistance. Things went well for us until about the forth hour when I cam upon King Lot’s bannermen and attempted to fight my way through. I fell a dozen men as bullets and sword blows glanced off of my shield and armor. The fighting was intense and a frenzy was upon me. I shouted orders and pushed deeper into the fray. The standard bearer went down and as I leaned in to grab the standard from the ground I was knocked face first into the blood and muck. I looked up and saw Thor laughing as he used the standard as a spear and killed a man. That fraking dickhead just stole my glory. I got to my feet and charged him shouting a battlecry. I never even saw the hammer blow that fell me. I awoke some time latter being picked up off the field by Pete who was screaming at me to “fight! fight! fight!” The remainder of the battle was glorious and we won a decisive victory, much in part to Pete taking up command when I fell.

Following the battle there was the awards ceremony but the cheap bastard Lot only gave out circlets and other jewelry as prizes. Morgause pulled me aside and spoke with me about our quest to the North and she said she would talk to her husband about sending us some aid. Later I would learn that Lot offered us 10 men to help us on our quest. Now we prepare to head North. I wonder what new dangers lie ahead.



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