Steve's Log 48

“The ecstasy of wrath is not enough for vengeance!”

We looted Castle Doom and then headed back to the North where we returned to the DeathKlok concert arena. A huge after party was underway and the Raven Witch was hosting a tourney. We got rooms and signed up for events. Well I should say we signed up for the only event. A seven day grand melee. We took Matilda to the infirmary and a few hours later picked her up. She was healed of all injuries suffered by the death blast Balor gave her. She was in good spirits as we all were but then Sam’s chest exploded. I thought, “ALIEN!!!” but before I could react, she was bouncing down the hall leaving a trail of blood. We gave chase and watched as her body flew threw the air and bounced off of a wall. At some point I heard Matilda screaming, “Bruce!!! I will kill you!!!!” I ran for Sam’s body and was in a frantic state. John and the Professor shoved me aside and carried her to the infirmary. After we got her into a stasis chamber, they told me that Bruce Sans Pity was the attacker and that he was invisible. I remembered my Malory and the hate and anger in my heart grew by the moment. If ever I should find him, he shall pray for death.

The next day we entered the first round of the recreation of the Battle of Badon Hill. We lined up with Sir Kay and many other knights from Breton. Under Kays orders we entered the fray. We were outnumbered seven to one and Kay proved he was not the greatest of leaders. We were at a disadvantage from the start and it never got better. I commanded my platoon up into the stands where we fought not only the enemy but the patrons paying to see the event. We climbed and battled our way towards the enemy standard. At one point I saw the Witch herself. I ordered a charge but The Professor grabbed my arm and pointed at the Standard which was guarded by Thor and the Warriors Three. I looked to the men and it appeared that they were following John. I let him take the fight to the witch and I broke ranks to follow The Professor. As we came upon them, The Professor proved to be their undoing. He was a distraction and as Thor raised his hammer to strike The Prof down, I severed Thor’s head. Sif was upon me before I even knew who was hitting me. Her ferocity was great but my shield withstood every blow. I tried as best as I could to return a hit but she pummeled me again and again for what seemed like hours. As she pounced upon me I was also attacked by Hogan with his mace. He too pounded me but my shield moved like the wind and acted as a wall against each blow. Realizing that time was running out, they broke and grabbed up Thor’s body to carry him to a medic. The PRofessor had been facing off with Fandril but he too conceded defeat and fled the field with Sif and Hogan. We grabbed the standard and I turned to see John cutting the head off of the Raven Witch. I ordered the men to take the baggage train but Corey was already there, fighting four or five knights by himself. The men stormed the baggage train and the battle was over. We had won.

Rather than stick around we grabbed our loot and got out of the North as fast as able. In London we met with King Arthur and made our plans to move onto Paris. We went and bought language shots for French and did some shopping for other supplies. Our next stop will be the Knightly Orders Convention. I wonder if we will join one or simply blow them off.



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