Steve's Log 50

“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.”
~James Dean

Infiltrating the Hyrkanian camp proved easier than expected. The army was a mix of mercenaries from all over the place and we saw men wearing gear ranging from cyberpunk to prehistoric. We set up camp in Hamburg and checked out the local establishments including the bars, taverns, and even the museum; which looked like the Luxor in Vegas. While set up at camp I was bored out of my mind. I decided to do some reading in one of my blasphemous tomes. I hate that these books are so damned huge. The book weighs over five pounds. A ridiculous weight considering a digital copy would be virtually weightless. Magic may not work in this world but that doesn’t mean I cant research the book and perhaps discover a way to cast the spell I already know in an easier manner. My goal is to be able to cast the spell on my friends so that they can benefit from its power. As it is, only I can benefit and quite honestly, I have no need of a slave at this time.

Once we discovered the location of the harness we made our way to Berlin. Flying at near the speed of sound on a hover bike is an exhilarating experience. Being fired upon with missiles was even more so. We used our falling clouds to save the say as we leaped for our lives. Corey unfortunately didn’t have his on. He must have forgotten and the sound of him screaming as he fell was terrifying. I could have sword that invisible hands grabbed me for a moment and then were gone. As I watched Corey fall I saw that we were over a large lake. Hope surged in me and then I noticed the flock of geese flying below. Corey slammed into the geese and was lost from sight. I guided myself down to the shore along with the other guys. Corey was nowhere to be seen. I feared that he was dead. As I looked out over the water I saw the Professor had landed about thirty yards off shore and was walking in. Then I saw a commotion. It was Corey and he was being pursued by a school of shark-like creatures. He swam like Aquaman and his eyes were so wide with fear that I had to choke back a laugh. I was never happier than when I saw him step on that sand, alive and unhurt.

We approached Berlin carefully avoiding the patrols. Eventually we could see the city and a wall and an army surrounded it. We planned our way in when a flash of light caught us from somewhere to the south. My Army training kicked in and I dove into a ditch and covered my head with my shield. I was terrified that it was a nuke. When the wave of frost hit I was confused. Wasn’t it supposed to be heat? I sat up and then was knocked back by the next wave of air and debris. Then trees fell from the sky all around us and cars and parts of buildings and the dead. The temperature dropped to well below zero and frost appeared on everything. I turned on my E-Cloud and was still chilly. After we checked each other out and made sure no one was hurt we moved on and used the confusion of whatever had happened to enter the city. Scaling the wall was easy. Once inside we were confused by the fact that an all out war was taking place. We could hear gun fire and explosions. Why had no sound passed through or over the wall? I want to investigate the wall itself but for once, my team was on the move and didn’t have time or inspiration to explore this new odd science. Did I mention the wall was only 1mm thick. They guys seemed to think it was a cloud but I am thinking a force field perhaps. I really wanted to explore and find out but we had a mission.

Finding the new Khan was easy. We discussed a plan to sneak up and steal his harness. I was to act as over watch with my rifle and Corey would sneak in close and use his telekinesis to snatch the thing. I did my part. When I looked for Corey I saw The Professor and John had charged the Khan and his entourage, a pack of huge Mellors. I didn’t wait, I open fired and one by one I dropped those bastards with .300 Winchester magnums to the head. They turned and opened fire on my with their blaster rifles. What kind of fraking Mellor fights with blaster rifles? I realized, almost too late, that they were not shooting at me but at the building I was on top of. The building collapsed and I leaped for safety, activating my falling cloud. I hit the ground, rolled into a prone position and opened fire again. I didn’t actually see what happened but suddenly the Mellors stopped fighting and turned and ran away. When I stood up I saw the John had beheaded a kid, the new Khan. Killing a kid is a hard thing and John will probably be all emotional for the next week or two. I will have to tread lightly with him or we may have another one of his blow ups. Corey had the Harness and he said it allowed him to control he Mellors. We told him to make them kill each other. We heard the blasts and screeches in the distance.

Now we have to find the grail. God help us for I fear our time is running out.



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