Steve's Log 52

“The raw hunk of meat that used to be my enemy makes a sound, and I know where the mouth is. And I think the word he’s trying to say is ‘please’. Pity, not vengeance sends my arrow flying into his skull.”
~Suzanne Collins

I split up from the group with the hope of making it to Arunjun to see my old mentor. The journey was daunting alone but I was confident I could pull it off. I headed North into the Kothan Desert where I became lost for what seemed like weeks. One night I awoke to find a Serpent Person standing in my camp. I almost shot him but after a brief talk, he gave me directions to where I needed to be. He told me that his people were waiting for me to complete my promise to restore the might of Valusia to the world. I honestly didn’t remember making any such promise but I lied and told him that plans were in motion but I had much I needed before the deed would be done. This seemed to satisfy the creature.

I made it to Arunjun and got a room near the Apothecary. Fassir seemed happy to see me. We spoke of my travels and he told me of the city and events of interest. Soon our talks turned to the dark arts and we spoke much while I assisted him with the running of his shop. One night as we drank in a tavern, the Queen’s soldiers accosted us and we ended up in prison. When they came to take us to a judge, I was surprised as they handed me my gear. It was all there. They took me to a huge chamber where I met Queen Taramis. She told me she needed a warrior and then sicked her men on me. I split the head of the first one with my ax and the second I knocked to the ground with my shield and gutted him with the ax. As three more came at me I threw the ax and caught one in the face. The other two came hard and fast. I parried with my shield and dodged as I worked my way towards the door. Two men stood their and they seemed about to strike so I ran at my attackers knocking them to the ground. As they go their feet I drew my tomahawk and smashed the face of one. The last one lunged at me and as I blocked the attack with my shield, I threw the weapon and it lodged in his forehead. The queen clapped and showered me with praise. She then went on to tell me that I would accompany her niece Jehnna on a quest to recover the jeweled horn of the dreaming god Dagoth. Joining us would be the Captain of the Guard, Bombaata, a giant black man who carried a huge mace. He obviously did not like me. Seeing as I had little choice in the matter I agreed but only if they would free Fassir.

The journey into the mountains near Shadizaar was uneventful. We eventually made it to a frozen lake with a tower in the center. Bombaata said we should set camp and enter in the morning. I agreed. That night Jehnna was stolen by a flying ape. We ventured into the castle the next morning and there I faced off with an ape wearing a red cloak. No matter how many times I struck the beast, it seemed uninjured. I threw my tomahawk at the creature and it passed through it like it was a ghost and shattered a mirror beyond the beast. Suddenly a huge gash appeared on the creature’s chest. I smashed another mirror and another gash. I was near death with injuries but I ran like my life depended on it, smashing mirrors as I went. Soon there was two mirrors left. I threw my ax at one and turned to smash the last one with my shield but before I could an old man came out from behind the mirror I had just smashed. My ax was firmly embedded in his chest. He fell over dead. After that I smashed the final mirror and found the girl trapped behind it. I was glad I didn’t throw the ax at that one. We recovered a gem needed to get the horn and escaped the tower as it fell into rubble around us.

We traveled North for a few days and found a ruined temple. Inside Jehnna used the gem to get the horn but a bunch of cultists attacked us as we tried to leave. Jehnna told me that she saw a cave behind the alter and I told her and Bombaata to take it while I held the door. They ran and I fought like a madman to defend their escape. I realized I was losing so I turned to run myself. As I pushed through the cave I saw Bombaata ahead of me swinging his mace into the ceiling. A cave in came down blocking my escape. I turned to face the men behind me but they were gone. I was angry. Betrayal is one thing I cannot forgive. I sat for a while nursing my wounds and soon enough worked my way through the pile of rubble. Outside I discovered that they had left my horse. Bad move on their part.

I tracked them for days as they headed back to Arunjun. Once I made the city I went and found Fassir. He was safe in his shop and he told me the legend behind the Dreaming God Dagoth. Once I heard the details I knew that the sweet girl that I had traveled with was going to be sacrificed that very night. Fassir told me that there was no way into the castle except through a well. He said it was impossible without magic. That I would have to travel underwater for ten or fifteen minutes at least. I laughed as I entered the well and told him to pour me some ale and that I would be back shortly. I made use of my bioengineering. I can hold my breath for a long time and with my specialized eyes I can see underwater too. Once inside I pulled my cloak out and moved quietly. I used my silent pistol to slice through their armor like butter and when it was out of bullets I tossed it. I wish I had those bullets when I ran into Bombaata. The man was a mountain. A monster with a chunk of steel and hate in his heart. My own anger and vengeful spirit erupted as I charged him. He shattered my shield. I busted his knee. He cracked me so hard that my helmet flew off. I chopped off his toes on his left foot. As he screamed and staggered back I caught him in the groin with an upward swing of the ax. I took his scalp while he was still alive. I laughed as he screamed and then i noticed the pit in the room. Something moved in the pit, I was not sure what it was but all I could think of was Shoggoth. I kicked Bombaata into the pit and laughed a maniacal laugh that scared the bejeezus out me/ Something about that laugh snapped me back to reality and my mission at hand.

The great chamber where the queen made me fight her men was full of cultist looking people. I saw the statue of a naked boy when I was there last but now the statue was growing and coming to life with the Horn of Daggoth mounted in its forehead. I cut down the wizard and grabbed the girl just as he raised his blade to cut her throat. Daggoth screamed and blood ran from his pores. He transformed into a ten foot tall beast with scales and a huge spiked tail. I dragged the girl to a corner as people ran for their lives. The Queen screamed at me and ran forward with a dagger. I split her in two with one swing of my ax. The beast seemed impervious to the blows of my ax and it killed many men who attacked it. I can’t say what came over me but I dropped my ax and leaped on the creatures back. I grabbed the horn and hung on for dear life. Daggoth screamed and smashed me into a wall, knocking the breath from me but I hung on. I felt the horn begin to wiggle and tear and I knew it could be pulled off. I planted my feet on the creature’s back and pulled with all of my might. When it ripped free the creature fell to the ground and transformed back into the statue of a naked boy.

Well things are pretty good now. Jehnna was made queen and she showered me with rewards. She even offered me the job of Captain of the Guard. I considered it but my friends need me and its time I started to seek them out. I hope they haven’t traveled too far.



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