Steve's Log 56

“I am not questioning your honor, I am denying its existence.”
~George R.R. Martin

Entering the temple was easier than expected. We decided to head up a set of stairs we found and then all hell broke loose. The battle was fierce as shit and dudes were dropping like rain. When the smoke cleared dozens were dead including several giant ass spiders and we were left standing in the middle of it all. Pete had been poisoned by a blade and the Professor was poisoned by a spider bite. The other thing of interest is that cunt Christine showed up and as usual, started insulting me. Fuck that British cunt and the spell she rode in on.

I had made peace with her acting on her own interests. I had made peace with her stealing from us and lying to us. I thought we had become friends. Then this bitch starts telling me I have no honor. She starts telling me that I didn’t finish her job, a job I might add, that I never agreed to do. I just didn’t say I wouldn’t do it when Pete did agree to it. (I would have done the job because Pete agreed to it but that is beside the point, I never said I would do the job) And on top of that, the reason we never did her stupid lasso job was she decided to take the girls on vacation and we took another job while waiting for her and them to get back. Fuck that stupid cunt. When I pointed that out to her she starts telling me my word is worthless. I know there is something about this place that makes emotions run hotter than normal. I realize that is happening to me now but I don’t care. She wants to question my honor then I will show her what kind of person I really am. The only thing that stopped me was I gave my word not to kill her but the way I feel right now about it all, is fuck it all and fuck anyone who gets in my way.



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