Steve's Log 57

“Has your life ever been so messed up that you wondered how you would survive another day?”
~Alisa Mullen, Unchosen

My dogs are dead. John is dead, again. This time I fear for good. He was hit by the Shrinking Doom spell and went the way of Yara. With John we lost the Grail. This means we have failed in Merlin’s quest. The dominoes keep falling. With the failure of quest we have failed Sam. Sam, Jasmine, Christine, Betty, Matilda, and Jack are certainly dead. Now you might be wondering how this is possible since we saw Christine not a few nights ago. Well time travel is a fucked up thing and the Christine we ran into was likely an earlier incarnation of her. It would explain why she was such a fucking bitch. So lets sum this all up. I have lost nearly everything I care about. Three friends are all I have left and the Dani and Ming are still with us. I am glad I didn’t have to kill Ming. I guess now I will tell Dani how to break the Gakujin spell and send her home.

The good news is that we got the fraking book of prayers for Jatesh and got it delivered. The Professor accused Jatesh of thievery and we ended up killing the wizard and most of his people. So now our employer is dead too and we are stuck in Stygia. I have been fearful of few things in my life but being stuck in Stygia fills me with a fear that cuts to the bone. I think I might brave the river Styx and say fuck the Crocodiles.


That is truly messed up….

Steve's Log 57